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Our Story

We traveled the journey in your shoes and we understand your struggles

We know how hard and impossible it seems for small businesses at the beginning of their business growth. We understand the struggles and frustrations of doing everything you can to stand out and find your audiences.

Traveling down that road on our way to continual growth, we realized how many small businesses and aspiring business owners we can help with the experience accumulated throughout the years. Every dream deserves to be noticed, every idea needs to be seen and we are here to make it happen.

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Why do we help small businesses?


Our goal is to encourage small businesses to shine, that there is a way to stand out in the crowd and find your favorite customers. We understand you have wandered long journeys and tried different things to cause a spark and be noticed.

We aim to ease the growth process of startup businesses. No matter the industry you are based in, we will do vast, atomic research and modify the project journey according to the needs of that certain environment, your vision and your target audience. We will strategically solve design challenges with unconventional methods and proven approaches established through experience to make you proud of your partnership with us.



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It is easier when you overcome the challenges with somebody who already did it. Taking you through all the steps and strategic movements in the digital world is satisfaction for UIxlabs teammates and a motivation to get as many small businesses as possible to the top.

We strongly believe that every single piece of our client’s story is amazing and through our expertise, we’ll make sure it’s told wonderfully to the right people.

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Our Motivation

We build authentic brands from startups and small businesses because we’ve already been down the road where you struggle to stand above the noise.

We know how stressful it is for you to find a way that works and through our experience, bold creatives and marketing strategy, we love to help small businesses thrive with their online presence.

Let’s make a change, together.


Maja Mileska

CEO and Creative Director

Founder of uixlabs & uixcreatively 

Maya is a Netflix girl watching crime series and Squid Game, spending her free time not being free – constantly curious about designs and marketing. She loves bike riding and listening to Chris Do podcasts (even when she’s cooking!)


Martin Mileski

WordPress Developer

Brand owner & Artist at  martinmileski.com

Martin is the guy you call when you need an expert guitar player ripping riffs and hardcore solos. When he’s not playing or composing, Martin loves watching football, rooting for Tottenham Hotspur F.C or have long drives by the lake.


Valerie Jovanova

Content Creator

Brand Owner of Valerie 

Valerie’s passion is creating new relationships and staying connected with those people she already knows. Her motto is: Every problem has a solution. So, she never stops. She loves fashion. That’s where we get the fashion advice from.


Bobby Mojsovski

Marketing Manager

Brand owner and Indie Developer at mystivedev

Bobby can’t stop talking about entrepreneurial books and he’s obsessed with watching sci-fi movies and games development. In his free time, he mainly does 3D Modeling & Animation, when his puppy pug is not begging to go out for a walk.


Marko Đuričić

Content Creator

Brand owner

Marko is an excellent addition to our creative team. He’s the legal perspective of the business. And he is passionate about something we are all addicted to – food and reading.

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Why work with UIXLabs?

We care about your vision

We listen. We turn all the stones over and look for the most simple and the most complex ways of making your online exposure stable, memorable, recognizable and continually growing.

We supercharge small businesses by stepping out of the regular approaches, setting up new marketing rules and ways that draw your audience’s attention. We have tested multiple ways on our business too until we found the solution.

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A Team with Corporate Culture

In our small team, we constantly follow webinars, lessons and have team building activities that help us learn various approaches in all the departments. Curiosity, the will to learn, improve and the entrepreneurial spirit drives us to find solutions to the most challenging problems.

In the real world, usually, marketing and design teams are opponents because they see through different prisms of work – marketers love a lot of content, and designers want less text and more visuals.

And we found the right approach to educate each member of the team to understand every aspect and bring amazing deliverables (masterpieces) for our clients.


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What our clients say about us

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough.

They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough.

I still work with them for ongoing updates “.

– Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying

”I have what I dreamed of – a recognizable brand from every mom around here.

The labels are slick 😍 and I am never sick of my logo. So, thanks once more!“

– Ellie Clark, Mama & Me

“I’m really happy with the support and development.

Professional communication, professional approach and follow up great results. “

– Rinaldo, Wholesale by Vels

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough. They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough. I still work with them for ongoing updates.”

Sarah, Peak Solution Team

“In the post-Covid world, work forces have gone remote allowing us access to work with global talent. Maja is not only fluent in English but Western Culture and her overall Tech/Design IQ is not only amazingly strong but at par with global standards. Working with her is a No-Brainer! Highly Recommended. But not too highly or else you’ll steal her from us !!”

– Joseph, Cookin App

“It is such a high pleasure to work withthe team. They understood from the beginning what we´re expecting from our new company websites and how we want the look & feel but she added so much more with her experience. We´re now having two company websites which are state of the art and with a contemporary design.  For me, Maja was the key to success for our projects and I can highly recommend working with them!”

– Dirk Peschke, Head of Marketing , LRT Automotive GmbH

” I never thought that Neveine will reach such big audience.

We started as local brand, and now we are selling worldwide.

Thank you team, you enlightened our pocket haha“

– Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic

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A Little Bit About Us

UIXLabs is a passionate team of designers, marketers and developers, led by honesty, transparency and building trust. We have been in the same shoes as you while growing our business and that’s the reason why we help small businesses to conquer their goals and supercharge their digital visibility.

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We started in 2015 under the name “Maecraft”, but quickly rebranded into UIXLabs after two years.

It all started way back, when our founder, Maya, formed a team to outsource the work for 2 companies. But, the accumulating work that needed to be done, the deadlines, more human resources and the complete plan rework made her realize that a new approach had to be established.

She analyzed the issues, gathered data, crafted a thorough business plan and strategy based on her past experiences and rebranded to UIXlabs. Currently, we’re operating with 2 designers, 2 developers and a marketing & sales manager.

Our favorite clients are People with the right meaning of the word. Polite, ambitious small business owners and individuals who gleam with their passion to succeed. Most of all, we love establishing amazing long-term relationships that provide rewarding experiences and enjoyable partnerships.


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We believe in being different

As a team, we had our fair share of trials and errors, experiences and moments that made us adapt and experiment to succeed. We strongly believe that there is always a solution to the problem and we just need to find it. Understanding the pain points that we, as a small business, went through, is the main reason why we help other small businesses succeed in the digital world.