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Hi everyone! I’m Valerie. I work nearly 3 years as a Small Businesses’ Brand Strategist and Social Media Manager. And now, I’m here in UIXlabs, helping again small business owners. I can say that I am so in love with my work. I am here when businesses were born and stayed with them through their whole online journey. It’s not easy, but what’s more important, it’s not boring. I love this dynamic world where I can be creative to infinity, and make my clients just super happy with my work. Want to know more about me? Well, I love reading books. They show me another world and give me never-ending inspiration for what I do. Also, traveling allowed me to meet a lot of people, and see many cultures, which made me an open-minded person. My passion is creating new relationships and staying connected with those people I already know. Thanks to this I’ve built a strong relationship with each of my clients, which helps me to make their wishes come true. My motto is: Every problem has a solution. So, I never stop. I always work on a problem, because I don’t think, but I know that I can solve even those problems that seem impossible to be solved.