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Uixlabs brand identity & strategy

Brand Identity & Strategy

Brand identity is the personality of a company or product. We will focus on visually articulating the purpose of the business and explaining why it exists and how necessary is for your consumers to get it.

Creating a successful brand identity & strategy takes time & effort but it’s worth it.

When done correctly it can result in increased profits & customer loyalty. We want to build consistent and sustainable aspect for your consumers. And the brand strategy will help you to create and maintain a strong brand identity by setting goals and objectives for how the brand will be positioned in the market.

Branding is not a one time event.

It is an ongoing process that should be fine-tuned and finalized over time. Brands need to be constantly evolving in order to stay relevant and connect with consumers.

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that their branding is complete once they have created a logo and tagline. But this is just the beginning. A brand needs to be constantly refined in order to keep up with changing trends and consumer preferences.

Here are the main points we will focus in our process

Brand Strategy

Brand personality
Target Audience
Competitor Analysis
Current trend Analysis


Brand story
Mission & Values
Ton of voice

Brand name

Naming brainstorm
Brand & Product Naming
Competitor Analysis

Logo Design

Logo Composition
Style sheet

Identity Design

Brand Colors & Typography
Photographic Direction
Brand Book

Brand Evolution

Growth strategies
Short and long-term goals

This is our web design process


Project Discovery
We will ask questions listen and learn. By understanding your business, we will be able to set our best solution for you.


Determine flow & feel
We will do competitive and user research, gather your data insights and set our creative direction. Now let’s skip to the good part.


Bring it all to life
We want you in the process! We will gather your feedback and reiterate until we creat the perfect solution before we build it in WordPress.


Test, optimize & launch
Fine-tuning and testing is what are the last steps before the grand launch. We’ll optimize it and test it to work greatly on all devices.

highvibe relax jars brand and packaging

Check out some of our past branding projects.

Highvibe – Relax Jar

These relax jar is something very very new on the market. It will be the leading product in the cannabis industry manifucturing jars that keep the freshness of your plants for more than 3 months. This is how we made the branding.

Your brand deserves to be seen.

“The iterations of the branding that were just perfecting the imperfections, were so quick and clear too. Love to work with them again.
Dan Florea, Orygem.

Let’s make a change for you, together. 

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