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You may be disappointed with your job. Like you thought that it would be your dream job and when you started to work, nothing happened. You’re just not happy enough or even worse, you feel frustrated and very lonely at the end of the day. 

My team and I quite often talk about this work stuff, like what great workplaces really mean. Are we satisfied enough working together, sometimes from the office and sometimes via video calls from home? That’s why I wanted to write this blog and share with you my opinions, and the opinions of 57 other people that we asked through this survey. What do great workplaces look like?

In my opinion, great workplaces don’t have to be perfect. From my experience working in traditional and big companies, to working in small modern businesses, I realized that my colleagues’ attitude affects my mood the same as the salary I get. I just can’t imagine myself working for the price that can afford me anything I want but to feel sad in the workplace on the other side. I am a very communicative person, and I need someone fair enough to work with.

Jake Allen

Actually I haven’t got any huge problems at my job with 15 years of work experience. But, of course, I’ve created in my head the great workplaces where I strive to be. The best workplace to work in is where I can choose between working solo or in a team. And of course, I want to be paid more for solo work. If the company doesn’t have this choice I don’t need its salary at all. Also, if I choose to work in a team, I would like it to be with people who are passionate about working and advancing in their careers. This means I don’t like lazy people, even though I had to work with them quite often in the past.

Mathew Robinson

 I’ve never been tired of thinking and talking with my friends about the best workplace to work in. I always wanted to work in a big, traditional company where I can exactly know what my responsibilities are. Actually, I will work for lower salaries, but I want to have peace. I don’t want any pressure but to feel calm, while working 8 hours a day. Also, I want the company to respect my private life, and be allowed to spend my weekends with my wife and kids.

Abbie Peterson

Ooh I have worked with so many people so I feel a little anxious working from the office. Now, I work in a team, from home. Is there anything more comfortable than working in pajamas, or your favorite clothes, without any make up. You make your most delicious meal, that you crave for every day, and work your dream job. In my list of great workplaces that is not even that long, I would rather say that communication is most important in any kind of job. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be best friends with your colleagues, they don’t have to be your new family, but respecting their opinion, and listening to what they have to say is a must.

Jessica Ross

I am a mom of two cats, so you don’t have to think twice to realize what I would like most about my best workplace to work in. Pet-friendly. You know I have to work 6 hours per day, and imagine them home alone. Fortunately, I already work in such a place, and I plan to leave – never. My boss is a dog daddy, and he brought this idea to the company. Some of my colleagues showed their frown faces, but I didn’t care. I just love my kids and I want them to feel safe and loved. They are not with me, but in the other room with a caregiver, and other colleagues’ pets. Can’t be happier.

Lisa Brown

 It’s very difficult to describe what my great workplaces look like. Actually, I don’t know if I have a favorite place to work in, from all the 5 places I’ve worked so far. I’m introverted and I don’t like working in teams. It was so difficult for me to meet my new team and start a conversation with any of my colleagues. I always wanted a boss that would help me to fit in the new environment, instead of always trying to point out my mistakes. I saw that many of my friends don’t have that kind of problem, but I do. And I think that every leader must have a different approach with each of us. Of course, a higher salary is the second most important thing when I am thinking about great workplaces.

Decklan Spary

At the moment I write from my office, and I can say that I am very fulfilled and happy. I work in a marketing agency, and I am the boss, but that’s now the reason why I love my job. I am not that kind of boss that points to the person and tells him what to do, even if he’s not good enough at doing it. I always organize all their responsibilities according to what those people would like to work and are capable of. I have the best team in our agency. The others just want to copy my strategy but they don’t know how. I am not afraid or even I don’t feel guilty If I fire someone who doesn’t fit in. And of course the salary is different. You are paid as much as you contribute to the company. I don’t think, but I am completely sure that we have one of the great workplaces.

Now, go on our IG post and comment about your great workplaces. We want to know what your dream job looks like and if you’re happy with the one you have now. We want to get some new ideas, so we can apply them in our team. 

We don’t have the best workplace, but we aim to do so. We spend so much time working so we have to feel comfortable and happy.

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