Digital Marketing

Building value, trust, sales and rankings through creativity. Whether you’re aiming for social media management & advertising campaign, or Full Package marketing for a small business to bring you closer to your consumers, UIXLabs has the experience and talent to do it for you.


Effective Strategies, Exploding Growth

Say goodbye to countless weeks of research on your target audience. Stop tossing money at the ever-hungry advertising machine to no avail. Our proven strategies incorporate the latest tools and methods to process and segment large quantities of data about your consumers.

Finding out what your customers want, need, where they hang out, their frustrations or wishes, and how you can help them is our top priority. Marketing for a small business has been part of UIXLabs since the beginning. Based on invaluable, carefully segmented data, we devise a customized strategic approach and marketing funnels to supercharge your online advertising.

We are the Growth Powerhouse to your empowered digital presence

Your business needs a specifically crafted marketing strategy based on your consumers and their needs. Your audience loves to hear your story and we have the marketing ideas to transform it into consistent growth.

Uixlabs creates sales, leads, new business opportunities and crafts marketing opportunities that make you seen as relevant. We discover the goals and obstacles of the entire process of your journey by segmenting the data of your target audience. Looking for marketing for a small business? Take the first step to your bright digital future with us right away!

SEO pay marketing for small business

SEO/SEM Marketing

Share your dream with us, we’ll make it happen. Benefit from years of SEO Experience and marketing for a small business that focuses on your lifetime value. Let us build your SEO to make you memorable and unmissable, on top of your competitors. We want you on the pedestal, so you can watch your revenues roll as your ideal prospects get funnelled in.

pay marketing for small business

PPC Marketing

We evolve your digital presence by a strategic flow to target high-quality leads, boost traffic, increase conversions and brand awareness. Our proven approach includes in-depth industry, competitor and searches analysis, ad tracking and performance analysis, setting up paid ads campaigns, cost-per-click optimization, multi-platform creatives and retargeting.

emal marketing for small business

Email Marketing

Nurture and retain your valuable customers with our strategically planned email marketing campaigns. We craft effective email campaigns that generate ROI and provide results. Our strategy includes custom newsletter templates, automated emails, list management, split testing and creative user-centred content designed to nurture your leads and convert them.

content management marketing for a small business

Social Media Management

By using an all-in-one social media management strategy, we listen to your customers’ needs, engage with them and craft content that empowers your brand loyalty, recognition and conversions. Our team builds meaningful relationships across all social media platforms and use marketing tactics to grow your community and expand your organic reach.

social advertising marketing for a small business

Social Media Advertising

Our marketing for a small business strategy includes thorough competitor analysis, audience research and establishing efficient campaigns to bring your brand in front of your audiences. We design engaging, creative ads based on your customers’ interest to drive leads to your page, as well as perform retargeting campaigns to maximize lead conversion.

influence marketing for a small business

Influencer Marketing

We love to delight your audiences, to inspire and bring you the results! Our list has influencers with thousands of followers on all social platforms. You choose your influencer based on your goals and leave the rest to us. We will take care of contracts, tracking, script-writing and payment. Watch as our influencers bolster your goals while you comfortably sit and enjoy.

” I never thought that Neveine will reach such big audience. We started as local brand, and now we are selling worldwide. Thank you team, you enlightened our pocket haha“

Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic



Effectively Achieve Your Goals!

When you partner with UIXLabs, you partner with a team of curious, innovative people committed to your brand’s success and recognition. Our team has advanced expertise in web design and marketing for a small business to create innovative approaches that appeal to your audience and conquer your goals. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution or an ordinary campaign. Instead, we put our heart into our work and implement the most challenging ideas to skyrocket your brand above the competition. Your customers’ satisfaction is our priority.


Know your Audience’s deepest secrets and needs

Our way of marketing for a small business sets new standards in the way data for your target audience is acquired. We use the latest technologies and new approaches to listen, analyze and segment your clients’ issues and interests. Based on this information, we establish effective marketing strategies that are guaranteed to touch the hearts of your consumers and make your brand unforgettable.

Unified by a bold vision, we drive growth through exceptional user journeys and experiences. What motivates us is seeing the satisfaction of our clients and the fulfilment of their audiences as we conquer new frontiers together.

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough. They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough. I still work with them for ongoing updates “.

Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying



Why marketing for a small business?

We understand the struggles and pain of startups and small businesses. The internet is a highly competitive field where “Giants” continually pour their budgets to get new leads while small businesses struggle because of it. And we are that team aiming to change that and give small businesses a fighting chance, even more, a winning chance.

These are not just “big words”, our work says it all – over 170+ small businesses worldwide enjoy the benefits of our design and marketing strategies. We take risks and challenges, rewrite marketing rules and come up with brave, unique ideas to ensure your business growth.


To boldly go, where no marketing has gone before

Your consumers love to hear about your brand. We can help you maximize that potential by sharing your moments that matter to inspire them, turn them into valuable long-term customers and encourage them when it’s most important – during their purchase decisions. Bold, innovative ways of marketing for a small business are part of our DNA. We help brands discover and strengthen the place they are meant for.

We do it by creating work that gets noticed, talked about and shared. Creatives that resonate with your audience and spark an emotional response. Let us transform your story into a fast, effective and affordable strategy that sets you in the eyes of your audience. We have a bold vision, no fear and obsession to make you succeed. Do you have the same?

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