We elevate the digital apresence of a small business.

We traveled the journey in your shoes and we understand your struggles. Now we do it for you, but without the obstacles.


Our motivation

is to do great things for anyone that needs digital goods

You will feel how things are hard and impossible at the beginning of your business growth. No matter what stage you are in, there are obstacles.

We realized how many small businesses and aspiring business owners we can help with the experience accumulated throughout the years. Every dream deserves to be noticed, every idea needs to be seen and we are here to make it happen.

We focus on small businesses and startups because…

Our goal is to encourage every business to shine, that there is a way to stand out in the crowd and find your favorite customers. We understand you have wandered long journeys and tried different things to cause a spark and be noticed.

Hagamos un cambio, juntos.


Maya Mileska

Founder & and Creative Director

As a creative directior, Maya will be responsible for developing and overseeing the creative direction of a project or campaign. She’ll work with writers, designers, and other creatives to come up with ideas that capture the essence of the brand or product she’s working on. Maya is also skilled at managing budgets and timelines, so she can ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Her attention to detail ensures that all aspects of a project are executed flawlessly.

Loves to:
Watch crime series & bike ride

[email protected]

How it started, how it is going and brutally honest review of leading a small business.



Martin Mileski

Dev Team Lead


Slobodan Sekuloski

Marketing Strategist

Why work with Uixlabs

We listen. We turn all the stones over and look for the most simple and the most complex ways of making your online exposure stable, memorable, recognizable and continually growing.

We supercharge small businesses by stepping out of the regular approaches, setting up new marketing rules and ways that draw your audience’s attention. We have tested multiple ways on our business too until we found the solution.


DesignRush Accredited Agency 

why work with uixlabs web agency

Kind words from our clients

“El equipo creó mi sitio web y no puedo recomendarlos lo suficiente.

Fueron eficientes, hicieron excelentes sugerencias y fueron muy municiosos.

Todavía trabajo con ellos para actualizaciones continuas”

– Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying

“Tengo todo lo que soñé, una marca reconocible por todas las mamás por aquí.

Las etiquetas son impecables y nunca me canso de mi logo. Así que ¡gracias de nuevo!”

– Ellie Clark, Mama & Me

“Estoy muy feliz con el apoyo y desarrollo. Comunicación profesional,

enfoque profesional y seguimiento para excelentes resultados”

-Rinaldo, Wholesale por Vels

“El equipo creó mi sitio web y no puedo recomendarlos lo suficiente. Fueron eficientes, hicieron excelentes sugerencias y fueron muy municiosos. Todavía trabajo con ellos para actualizaciones continuas”

Sarah, Peak Solution Team

“En mundo post-covid todas las fuerzas de trabajo se volvieron remotas permitiéndonos trabajar con talento global. Maja no solo domina el inglés, sino también la cultura occidental y su conocimiento de tecnología y diseño no solo es increíblemente sólido, sino que está a la altura de estándares globales. ¡No hay que pensar dos veces trabajar con ella! Muy recomendado, pero no tanto porque podrías robarla de nosotros!”

– Joseph, Cookin App

“Es un gran placer poder trabajar con el equipo, Ellos entendieron desde el comienzo lo que esperábamos del sitio web para nuestra nueva compañía y cómo queríamos que luciera y se sintiera, y agregaron mucho más con su experiencia. Ahora tenemos dos sitios web de la empresa que son de vanguardia con un diseño contemporáneo. Para mi Maja fue la clave para el éxito de nuestros proyectos y ¡recomiendo encarecidamente trabajar con ellos!”

-Dirk Peschke, Director de Marketing, LRT Automotive GmbH

“Nunca creí que Neveine alcanzaría a una gran audiencia.

Nosotros empezamos como una marca local y ahora vendemos a nivel mundial.

Gracias equipo, le han dado más prominencia a nuestros bolsillos jaja”

– Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic

How it all started for us

UIXLabs is a passionate team of designers, marketers and developers, led by honesty, transparency and building trust. We started in 2015 under different name, but quickly rebranded into Uixlabs after two years.

It all started way back with just 2 people on board. But, the accumulating work that needed to be done, the deadlines, more people aliving new ideas and projects.

Since then, we grew a lot. From team of two, now we have a whole base of designers, developers and creative content writers all around the world.

Our favorite clients are People with the right meaning of the word. Polite, ambitious small business owners and individuals who gleam with their passion to succeed. Most of all, we love establishing amazing long-term relationships that provide rewarding experiences and enjoyable partnerships.

We’ve been operating in few countries, but our goal is to save the world from crowded & thorny website flows.

Currently working with clients from

United States    United Kingdom
Spain     Norway   Canada  Germany
Finland  Macedonia    Sweeden  

lighning bolt uixlabs

We believe in being different

As a team, we had our fair share of trials and errors, experiences and moments that made us adapt and experiment to succeed. We strongly believe that there is always a solution to the problem and we just need to find it. Understanding the pain points that we, as a small business, went through, is the main reason why we help other small businesses succeed in the digital world.