Design your social media posts

Like a designer!

Download ‘Design Your Social Media Posts Like a Designer’ now to discover the design principles, best practices for what to add, and what to avoid when creating stunning social media posts that engage your audience and elevate your brand!

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Canva templates are already a no no.

While Canva templates are undoubtedly popular and can make it easier to create designs quickly, they may not be the best choice for every situation.

Since there are so many people who use Canva, it’s easy for designs to start looking similar or the same. It means that sometimes people can connect your content to another brand. So, you need to avoid that.

That’s where “Design Your Social Media Posts Like a Designer” comes in. This small booklet contains small things that make your design bespoke and unique.

¬†So why settle for a generic Canva template when you can create a design that’s truly your own?