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You are here because in some shape of form, your business is not where you want it to be.

Possible diagnosis

Growing a business is hard. But, we serve the things to
be more easier and you rise in the 25% world successful businesses.

New and not prepared

We’ll do the diagnostics and make a plan so your website screams the quality of your brand.

Already on, but weak

Every website for a small business should have their special touch to swim o the competitor’s sea.

I just aim higher

You started somewhere and you have good results. But you want to go up. We are 100% on for help.

“I’m really happy with the support and development.

Professional communication, professional approach and follow up great results. “

– Rinaldo, Wholesale by Vels

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough. They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough. I still work with them for ongoing updates.”

Sarah, Peak Solution Team

“In the post-Covid world, work forces have gone remote allowing us access to work with global talent. Maja is not only fluent in English but Western Culture and her overall Tech/Design IQ is not only amazingly strong but at par with global standards. Working with her is a No-Brainer! Highly Recommended. But not too highly or else you’ll steal her from us !!”

– Joseph, Cookin App

”I have what I dreamed of – a recognizable brand from every mom around here.

The labels are slick 😍 and I am never sick of my logo. So, thanks once more!“

– Ellie Clark, Mama & Me

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough.

They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough.

I still work with them for ongoing updates “.

– Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying

“It is such a high pleasure to work withthe team. They understood from the beginning what we´re expecting from our new company websites and how we want the look & feel but she added so much more with her experience. We´re now having two company websites which are state of the art and with a contemporary design.  For me, Maja was the key to success for our projects and I can highly recommend working with them!”

– Dirk Peschke, Head of Marketing , LRT Automotive GmbH

” I never thought that Neveine will reach such big audience.

We started as local brand, and now we are selling worldwide.

Thank you team, you enlightened our pocket haha“

– Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic

Branding & Rebranding

We believe that highly competitive times require extraordinary, unforgettable brands. Branding is the core of growth hacking. We use AI intelligence tools to combine your audience’s data with your brand’s vision, mission, and values.

Based on this research, UIXLabs establishes meaningful brands that stick into the minds of people and are 100% focused on your customers’ needs. Whether you’re a business owner or a solopreneur who needs a website for a small business, rest assured that our brand strategies will deliver a real impact.

analysis growth hacking
Brand Analysis

We have created distinct ways to measure performance and see if your products, services, tone of voice, visuals, logo and positioning work in your favor. Let’s determine together whether your current brand strategy is underperforming and what our small business branding services will do to improve it for you.

 identity growth hacking
Brand Identity

People do not buy goods or services. They buy stories and relations. Your brand needs to be memorable, leaving a lasting impression. Our team can help you find the right colors, design, font style, visuals and logo that reflect your core values and skyrocket you to the top. We build a world-class presence and create results.

strategy  growth hacking
Brand Strategy

Being a client of UIXLabs means being treated like a business partner. And we love for you to succeed. By using bold, new approaches and the latest technologies, we will research your market, your competitors, your audience and goals to establish a long-term plan for a successful brand.

rebranding puzzle growth hacking

The hardest thing to admit is when it simply doesn’t work and your brand doesn’t align with your goals. But, don’t worry! We’ve rebranded hundreds of brands. And for us, it is not just a simple makeover. It is the way of finding your brand’s meaning and what makes you distinct and recognizable.



starts from


Brand Identity (logo design) – 
Branding Book (guides of how to use the logo, visual DNA – colors, fonts, image style, borders, corners etc)



starts from


Brand Identity (logo design) –
Brand Book
– Pitch Deck presentation – Stationery
– Brand Strategy



starts from


Brand Identity (logo design) –
Brand Book
– Pitch Deck presentation – Stationery
– Design for 5 pages website
+Brand strategy
+Social media assets

Social Media Marketing

We understand the struggles and pain of startups and small businesses. The internet is a highly competitive field where “Giants” continually pour their budgets to get new leads while small businesses struggle because of it. And we are that team aiming to change that and give small businesses a fighting chance, even more, a winning chance.


These are not just “big words”. Our work says it all – over 170+ small businesses worldwide enjoy the benefits of our design and marketing strategies. We take risks and challenges, rewrite marketing rules and come up with brave, unique ideas to ensure your business growth hacking.
seo marketing growth hacking
SEO/SEM Marketing

Share your dream with us, we’ll make it happen. Benefit from years of SEO Experience and marketing for a small business that focuses on your lifetime value. Let us build your SEO to make you memorable, unmissable and on top of your competitors. We want you on the pedestal so you can watch your revenues roll as your ideal prospects get funneled in. And remember, this is one of the best techniques of growth hacking.

email marketing growth hacking
Email Marketing

Nurture and retain your valuable customers with our
strategically planned email marketing campaigns. We craft effective email campaigns that generate ROI and provide results. Our strategy includes custom newsletter templates, automated emails, list management, split testing and creative user-centred content designed to nurture your leads and convert them.

social media managment growth hacking
Social Media Management

By using an all-in-one social media management strategy, we listen to your customers’ needs, engage with them and craft content that empowers your brand loyalty, recognition and conversions. Our team builds meaningful relationships across all social media platforms and use marketing tactics to grow your community and expand your organic reach.

social media advertising growth hacking
Social Media Advertising

Our marketing for a small business strategy includes thorough competitor analysis, audience research and establishing efficient campaigns to bring your brand in front of your audiences. We design engaging, creative ads based on your customers’ interest to drive leads to your page, as well as perform retargeting campaigns to maximize lead conversion.

Instagram Pack

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Posting 3 times a week

Insta Start

starts from



– 9 Posts 
– 3 Videos/Reels
– 12 Stories
– Captions to 150 characters
– Keyword research + usage
+ Monthly report

Posting 5 times a week

Insta Rise

starts from



– 16 Posts 
– 4 Videos/Reels
– 20 Stories
– Captions to 150 characters
– Keyword research + usage
+ Monthly report

Post every day

Insta Power

starts from



– 30 Posts 
– 10 Videos/Reels
– 30 Stories
– Captions to 150 characters
– Keyword research + usage
+ Daily monitoring

Tiktok Pack (Food & Make up only)

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If you’re just starting

Tiktok baby

starts from


– 1 Video
– Hashtag & Keyword Research

Posting 3 times a week

Tiktok Poster

starts from


– 12 videos
– Hashtag & Keyword research


Tiktok ultra

starts from


– 30 videos
– Hashtag & Keyword research

Creative Direction

Going into the defined brand direction, we’ll develop visual concepts that speak your brand’s and brand audience’s language. Creative direction is all about the aesthetics we want to bring to the world that are just a growth hacking technique for every small business.

social visual content growth hacking
Social media visual content

Maybe social media would not be your main sales tool, but that’s where people check you out. As you’d look for a match on Tinder, your leads are looking at your social. People remember visuals with memorable and yet intriguing content. Let us make you the social magnet.

brochure growth hacking
Flyers and Brochures

Traditional marketing is still a way of delivering results for small local businesses. With magnetizing content, elegant designs and colorful images in a small marketing tool, we will make sure you get new orders and leads.

website images growth hacking
Website featured images

You can have the best headlines, words, and key phrases on your blog, but nothing attracts more than the visual content and the graphics. Every blog deserves visual representation of the essence of the post. If you want your growth hacking to work, try focusing on the creation of alluring images.

design touch growth hacking
Anything that needs a design touch

We planned to mention everything that we do, but sometimes we get special requests. And we are excited the same for every interesting creative idea in your growth hacking process. Just text us and surprise us. We will e 100% on it.

Get Dressed.
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