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promoting small businesses via exposure


It is nice to see you here. This blog post is your wake-up to think about getting an online presence.

Every single year there are 627,000 new businesses. But sadly or delightedly, many of them fail because of having no strategy or opting for a bad strategy. Let’s be clear here. We are also a small business and we are battling with the “big sharks” out there. But we have a mission – promoting small businesses digitally.

So, this is the brutal speech you need to hear.


The pandemic changed the way of promoting small businesses


Covid-19 made a completely unknown era for us, where even big businesses pause with their sales. Where do we get a lot of shortages of electricity, fans, even candies from? Yes, everything starts to show us that we are the ones that created this.

But again, this pandemic time opened our eyes. We helped over 170 businesses make their first sales worldwide and reach their 6 figure goals. We are proud to see businesses like Camelie Eco striving to improve the world by selling useful and eco products. To be clear, we aren’t the ones that created or helped Camelie to win big this year. In contrast, we bought her products and we analyzed why she is where she is – a queen living the best time of her life. And this is what she does and what we recommend you to do if you want to win big.

Promoting small businesses to the digital world -expose

Give your best if that’s what makes you happy!

… or in the right words, make a plan

This is very emotional for us. This may be one of the hardest posts to write about because we see that the world is about to fall into a deep economic crisis. Each of us should give our best to help around with promoting small businesses because, in the end, we have to support each other. That’s how we will save the world.

And talking about you, we would be very happy if you have something that will help anyone survive it.

Do your W and D questionaire for promoting small businesses

How do you make a plan for your digital growth?

Get a pen and paper. Go on, we will wait a bit.

Done? Okay, let’s do it.

Answer these 10 “W” questions on it. 


  1. What is your business about?
  2. What age are your users? (Don’t say everyone, because a comb is not used by bold people and people with no teeth can’t use Invisalign)
  3. What motivated you to come up with this business idea?
  4. What are your main competitors (locally and globally, write 2-5 each)
  5. What are your biggest strengths?
  6. What are your biggest weaknesses?
  7. What are your opportunities?
  8. What do you do differently than anyone else?
  9. Will it help the world in this global crisis?
  10. Will this product or service be relevant in the pandemic and after the pandemic?

Now, the easy 7 “D” questions.

  1. Do you have a website?
  2. Do you have social networks created and running?
  3. Do you have a social calendar for posting?
  4. Do you have a strategy for digital marketing and advertising on special dates?
  5. Have you prepared digital and printed documents that will help you stand out as a professional?
  6. Did you have a marketing campaign by now and how successful was it? And did you use any tactics for promoting small businesses?
  7. Do you prefer to work with a professional team or do it yourself?

Write down everything on paper, take a photo of the questions and send them to [email protected] ->

We will get back to you with a plan! This is your Free Consultation with us ♥

promoting small businesses tiktok

Trust the social media 

… it really helps

Dear millennial, we grew up with social media – Facebook, MySpace, Mirc, and so on. Believe it or not, there are still people that do not trust that it can make your business grow. Please if you are one of them, keep reading. We would love to help you understand why it is important in the process of promoting small businesses.


Social media gives you a “free” way of promoting


Yes, it is free to make organic traffic. Here are a few tips on how you can influence your target audience the right way.


  1. Invite people from your contact or friends list that you feel are possible buyers
  2. Join Linkedin and Facebook groups that are a niche that you would help
  3. Find forums and blogs where you can talk more about your products and invite them to your page
  4. Post frequently
  5. Use relevant trends and interesting memes to amuse people
  6. Consider using Tiktok


Choose professional over “I will do it myself”

We promise you won’t regret it. When I – the Creative Director of UIXLabs, created my first startup Maecraft, I did everything by myself. And when I finally got some clients, I was in the burnout zone and couldn’t provide the best for all of them. So, unfortunately, at the last minute, I teamed up with somebody. But, it was already too late. All of these things happened because I tried to do: the actual design work, the web development, the marketing, the social media posts and posting, the blog, basically everything all by myself. And when new clients started working with me, I had to stop the marketing and social media work. As a result, the engagement and reach my previous client got from social media got back to 0. I must say, this is also my motivation for promoting small businesses.


Do not make the same mistake.  Right now, we are a team of 5 people and 3 freelancing buddies working together with the same purpose and mission. 


What do you need to make the first step?

  1. Explore the market. Look for examples of websites that you like. We motivate ourselves on Awwwwards
  2. Find smaller companies that are open to doing some web design work or social media – the service you need the most
  3. Tell them your budget and see their proposals
  4. You are ready!


Google is changing its digital strategy and requirements for everybody this next 2022. 

We just wish you complete your goals and expose your small business to people that need your products immediately. 

With love,



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