For North Carolina interior designers that are ready to…

Sell more interior design services online with high-converting website design.

You are about to discover one of the fastest ways to build a profitable interior design business online without spending sleepless nights and burning out on social media.

Everything You Need To Know To Start Getting Overbooked As A North Carolina Creative Interior Designer.

2 years ago, something interesting happened globally, that has affected the entire trajectory of the interior design industry.
The 2020 global pandemic is a hit so many businesses are yet to recover from.
As a result of that event, so many businesses including yours are in constant search of ways to promote their business online and build a global client base.
You have tried your hands on different marketing strategies,
From paid advertisement to organic content marketing.

BUT… Despite being on social media and posting every day,
You still struggle to Get clients consistently

You make posts and get crickets, and you wonder where the problem could be coming from.
Maybe you should post some more, or engage on more accounts.
You see, building your interior design business online hasn’t been this easier
So why are you struggling to get clients online if it was that easy?

Why Being On Social Is Never Enough!

Most interior designers are leveraging social media to build their businesses the wrong way.
While building a social media presence for your interior design business is great and a good way to start your digital marketing, there are limits to what you can achieve with it.
With so many Interior designers Scouting For Clients online, the question becomes

  • How do you stand out and get noticed in a saturated and noisy market?
  • How do you stand out and get noticed in a saturated and noisy market?
  • How do you become the sought-after Interior designer in your locality?
  • How do you get clients without screaming for them and without being present 24/7 in search of them?
One way to win and stay in business as an interior designer is your ability to consistently get clients and make huge sales. And in the next few minutes, I am going to reveal to you what you need to do to consistently get clients and make huge sales for your interior design business.

Get Seen, Get Heard, and Get Paid Your Worth

You will not always have the opportunity to create a second impression, which is more reason why the first impression is the strongest and long-lasting.
Everyone judges the things they see and you do it too YOU JUDGE… a book by its cover. an Airbnb by its interior design. an outfit by its appeal.
And we want to help you create a significant first impression for your interior design brand.
For the next 3 months, we are going to work closely with 50 interior design business owners from North Carolina to create a magnetic website for your brand.

With This Website, You Will Be Able To…


Build Credibility and maintain visibility for your interior design brand


Create a long-lasting impression that will bring customers back


Be quickly accessible for business regardless of time difference and location


Easily and effortlessly interact with potential customers, gain new leads and convert them quickly

Most important: Have the opportunity to showcase your portfolio and customer’s feedback without the need to be there or lose them to account restriction/ban.

You Are Unstoppable

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced interior designer with a great track record of customer service and sales, the height at which you can attain as an interior designer is unlimited.
And you’re a magnetic website away from gaining the recognition you desire for your business.
You can demonstrate your level of expertise and why you should be trusted by potential customers through it.


“I’m really happy with the support and development.

Professional communication, professional approach, and follow-up great results. “

– Rinaldo, Wholesale by Vels

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough.

They were efficient, made great suggestions, and were very thorough.

I still work with them for ongoing updates “.

– Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying

“In the post-Covid world, workforces have gone remote allowing us access to work with global talent. Maja is not only fluent in English but Western Culture and her overall Tech/Design IQ is not only amazingly strong but at par with global standards. Working with her is a No-Brainer! Highly Recommended. But not too high or else you’ll steal her from us !!”

– Joseph, Cookin App

“”The team did very good work designing and implementing the site Delidao.io . Within a few days, the full site was completed, including a couple of add-ons. Thanks for your good work and flexibility team!”

– Matthieu – COO of deliberry.com

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The Time Is Ticking And This Is All You’ve Got!

13 milliseconds – That’s how long you have to convince a pair of eyes that your newly published post is worth reading. Even though you likely spent exponentially more time creating the post, it all comes down to those first 13 milliseconds. Hashtags, caption copywriting, themed websites, and industry expertise will anchor people to you, but it’s not what draws them in. It’s not what will make them stick around more than those 13 milliseconds.
Do you know what will? Design.
This is why we are particular about the Magnetic Website Service!
This is the website design that doesn’t just represent your brand value but also helps build your klt factor faster and gives your brand a touch of class and excellence

Now is the time to stand out and be YOUNIQUE

How Does It Work?

We’ll work together to listen to your challenges, strategize and plan the flow, and execute at the end successfully launch the website.
Here are some actionable deliverables from our website creation process.

UI/UX Design     Maintenance
Web Design       Optimization
SEO Friendly      E-commerce


What can you expect


Project Discovery

We will ask questions listen and learn. By understanding your business, we will be able to set our best solution for you.


Determine flow & feel

We will do competitive and user research, gather data, collect insights, and set our creative direction. Now, let’s skip to the good part!


Bring it all to life

We want you involved in the process! We will gather your feedback and iterate until we create the perfect solution to suit your needs.


Test, optimize & launch

Fine-tuning and testing are the final steps before the grand launch. We’ll optimize your new website and ensure that it works perfectly on all devices.

How Much Does The Magnetic Web Design Service Cost?

Imagine you never had to Think about where your next interior design client will come from.
Imagine getting overbooked every month, week and year
Imagine achieving your financial goals just by having more than enough work to do.
How would it feel to charge your worth for your interior design service because you were able to demonstrate your value and offers through your website?
How would it feel never to lose clients because you had a professional portfolio that demonstrates your expertise?
Think of how much it is worth to sell out as an interior designer, both to your business and personal life.
We understand how important a website is to the growth of your interior design business, this is why we made the “Magnetic Web branding service” Super affordable so you can have a decent website from the start, and at the same time do not spend all of your money or go to burnout doing it yourself.

Ready To Transform Your Interior Design Business?

Now you have the decision to make;
1. You can continue doing what you are already doing and keep hunting for clients every day, week, month, and year for your interior design business.
2. Go on the internet and spend sleepless nights learning how to build a website for your brand, try building one and end up with an unprofessional website
3. Take advantage of this offer, and have our creative team create a professional website that will stand your interior design business out and generate consistent clients.

The choice is yours to make and guess what?

When you book a free consultation with the creative director – we give you a report of what you have and an estimate of the price and time it can be fixed – then launch it within the same month.
In a nutshell, You can have your business website up and running within a month.
I believe you will make the right choice that is why you are here.
See you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform are you using for designing and building the website?

We are using WordPress CMS and Divi as a Framework and base.

And we specifically chose a mix of a professional framework and a very user-friendly platform for those who have 0 experience in web development. And this means that you can easily use your small business website when we are done with it.

Where can I see the progress?

As soon as the contract starts, you’ll be provided with a link to a platform where you can visually follow the process. Here’s a link to the Uixlabs platform: Demo Portal 

Who hosts the website?

We can host it for 1 year for free, but later on, you will buy your hosting.

But we highly recommend you start your hosting from the start and we can provide you with the best platform https://www.siteground.com/recommended?referrer_id=8333194

The price is so affordable. Why?

You see, we are from a small country and we are not overpricing things because We are happy when our client is happy deeply from our hearts.

Whether we agree for 2 cents or 2000 dollars, we are going to get the job done exactly how you would like it. So our earnest desire is to see your business blossom online

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

This is 2023. The answer is YES! That’s a must.

Do I actually need a website?

If you are not sure, you can request a business analysis here: https://uixlabs.com/business-analyzer

My new business idea will be huge, maybe the next Facebook. Do you do that?

No. Facebook is a web application (when you have custom functionality/custom operations and it is not a selling place or informative, that’s a web app)

And for that, you will need to look for a team that with constantly work for a bigger period.

But what we can do is market your idea with an informative website, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, and PPC.

Can I update the website myself once it’s been built?

Yes! That’s why we are using Divi from Elegant Themes which is a very easy and intuitive theme to use. We like to offer the ability for our clients to update the website themselves. We’ll give you all the training and tools to be able to make website amendments. We use an easy-to-use platform called WordPress so you can add edit and delete content without paying us to do it for you.



Demo Portal | Uixlabs Client Portal

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