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When I say successful project launch, I mean all of the things you should make before your business goes live. Have you already set up your strategy so you know who you are and who you are selling to?
Nowadays, it’s simply not enough for your family and friends to know that you’re launching your business. You must have an in-depth strategy that will show the direction your business should follow and which customers it’ll serve.

And, we have to know our target audience’s desires so we can craft our message, right?

No worries, I will show you all the scenes behind every successful project launch.

Now, open your Word or Google Docs and start taking notes. Let’s go!

Find your niche

Finding the right niche helps you to get to success easier. Bear in mind the things that you are most passionate about. What do you enjoy doing all day without getting bored? Fashion? Right, I got you. Now think about the competition in that field. Is it lower or high? If it’s low, good, but if it’s high you have work to do, so you can stand out in the crowd. Follow my steps, we’ll go slowly.

Write Business Plan

Now, write in Bold that you need a business plan. Why? It would be easier for you to organize your resources for launching your business and for further activities. Also, the business plan helps you in creating your TO-DO list to avoid wandering around and thinking about what you had to do, like, What comes first: taking photos, creating Ads campaigns, updating the website with new products?

But do you know what you need for a great business plan? Knowledge. And surprise! We have that. Just write your email here:

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Find a manufacturer

Think about finding a manufacturer that suits your business needs the most before the project launch. Primarily you have to define your product: material, dimensions, packaging. Next, you have to search for your manufacturer. They must resonate with your budget too. When I say searching I mean research thoroughly, because some of the suppliers may not be easy to find on the first page on Google.

Price your products

You will need math for this one. First of all, you have to calculate how much does it cost to launch your product to the market: Its production time, packaging, promotional campaigns, and its delivery. We haven’t finished yet. You have to find out about your competitors’ pricing for similar products.

And, we came to the most crucial part – your value propositions. How do you want your Brand to be felt? As a luxury brand, or a brand that sells quality products but at affordable prices. In case you didn’t know, you need to learn about your audience. How much are they ready to pay for your product that depends on their revenue right?

You can do this with our help. Just send us a message, and we will text you back right away.

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Opening party

You have everything ready for the opening night, but how to tell people that you have a new store and products for them? My advice is to make a boom on social media! Find out where your audience is hanging out.

If they are moms, find them in Facebook groups where they are members. You have to do it very carefully, without looking like you want to sell your products. Then, say loudly about your opening party in the groups, on local radio, and local TV channels. But, dwell upon your brand story. Find your value propositions and tell people why your Brand is different, and what new will you bring to the town?

Launching products

If you’re still taking notes, write this one. Your project launch doesn’t finish with your social media accounts. You need a website, that would be your online store. People today are on the Internet more than ever. New statistics show that 27.6 percent of all people worldwide shop online, which means that more than out of 4 people are online shoppers.

Today with Woocommerce, creating a secure online store is easier than ever. If you’re on a tight budget don’t worry, they have hundreds of free extensions, and you can extend your store as your budget grows.

You can sell a thousand kinds of products with Woocommerce, from single items to bundles. Unlike Shopify which has its own templates, with Woocommerce you can be more creative and you are able to design your website exactly as you wish.

If this seems back-breaking to you, give us an email so we can schedule a meeting, and create your Branded online store.

Social Media launching

When it’s about a project launch on Social Media, you can start with Facebook. I highly recommend installing a chatbot to say welcome to people that are visiting your page, which looks very polite. Also, it can answer the most frequently asked questions, so people won’t wait for hours to get your answer. And guess what, you will have more free time to do your business stuff.

Instagram is a platform that I wouldn’t exclude in your online project launch story, especially when it’s about an eCommerce store. With the new feature “Tap to view Product”, Instagram enables you to turn your followers into customers. They can buy from the store even without leaving the app. The whole customer journey now can happen on one app.

These are the most important things that have to be done before you launch your business. Don’t forget about your online store. Literally, it can keep all the stuff you want to sell. You just have to organize your store so it doesn’t look overwhelmed. Also having a great SEO can give people an easier way to find your website and check out their favorite products. You love the traffic when it’s online, don’t you? We all do. No more doubting! Your competitors are already online and your potential customers are buying from them.

Let your stunning and secure website happen now. Even if you are new in the digital world our diagnostics lab will help.

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