Avangard Gradba Real Estate

The Challenge

We are happy to share our experiences from the project we delivered for Avangard Gradba. This is a Macedonian Real Estate and Construction company that is doing a great job at their core business, but their website did not deliver conversions as their management expected.

Since taking care of web design is our core business, this is where we met and engaged in a great cooperation.

The main challenge was to redesign and vitalize Avangard Gradba’s existing website that was built from a template and give it a new look.  

Real estate and construction web design
Real estate and construction web design 2


First step for our time was to understand Avangard Gradba’s actual brand and what they stand for. After that, we used our creative skills to communicate it better to the desired audience, that from a Real Estate company, expects precision, reliability, and professionalism. 

We emphasized those segments of their brand and created a new refreshed website that is aligned with their core values. This was done with WordPress and Divi framework. 

Also, our writers have created new content for the website.


After the project was done, Avangard Gradba got a new look that clearly communicated their values and the quality of service they deliver to the outside world. The website now looks professional, leaves an impression of reliability and creates more confidence for the people browsing it to engage and contact Avangard Gradba for further cooperation. 

 Also, the website now offers an overview of their finished construction project and the upcoming projects.

 As the website became more attractive to customers, Avangard Gradba’s sales consequently went up. There is no better reward for us than to see actual results of our work.