Carolyn Hicks Wedding Films

The Challenge

Carolyn Hicks is our very dear client, and she is engaged in wedding films business. Her job is to capture some of the most emotional and significant moments in one’s lifetime and make them a memorable video.

Our task and challenge here was to make a fresh design for Carolyn’s business. The one that will communicate what she does, how she does it and create confidence with her clients that makes it clear Carolyn is the one to choose for this job.

Carolyn hicks wedding films
caro hicks website design


As usual, to get this project done, we had to dive deep into this business niche to understand both Carolyn and her clients. After we understood her passion for the work, we came up with an idea to deliver a design that would be subtly stylized, romantic, and professional at the same time. The cherry on the cake was a small, minimalistic, and stylish diamond at the top of Carolyn’s new business logo. We believed that this is exactly how a wedding-related brand should look like, and Carolyn agreed.

As we worked and communicated closely with Carolyn, the idea was quickly closed and finished in WordPress via Divi.


We are very happy with the outcome of the project we did for Carolyn and are sure that Carolyn Hicks Wedding Films now has an attractive website and brand that will be a huge success!

And we mean it, the way Carolyn sees her role in someone’s wedding is just awesome and inspiring.

But most importantly, what made us happy is the feedback we received from Carolyn. There is no better indicator of a work well done than a happy client.

“Maja is incredibly efficient, skilled, friendly, and accommodating with all my needs and my timeline.
As a small business owner, it is way too overwhelming to design and create my own logo and website.
This was my first time outsourcing and using Upwork, so I was a bit nervous on how things would go.
Maja’s profile caught my eye because of her gorgeous designs. I could tell she has some serious skills, great style, and impeccable attention to detail.
When I reached out to her, she was so excited to help me and reassured me that we could accomplish my goals. It was such a relief to know I was in capable hands.

Her communication with me was on-point. She got things done very quickly and on-time. She took all of my input and made my visions come to life.

I’m so happy with the results. I will definitely be coming back to hire Maja again in the future!”