Deliberry – Food delivery company in Spain

The Challenge

Deliberry was an example of a high-paced project that took a great deal of creativity. Deliberry is a Spanish food delivery startup that created an app that fills your fridge in a moment.

As the startup was in its rise and fighting on many fronts to attract investors, our part of the story and main challenge was to give it a new, attractive, and persuasive redesign. This one aimed to create a disruptive style that will be appealing also to the X-gens, Millenials and the Gen Z-ers at the same time.


After the initial market & customer research to learn how to reconcile all the desired audiences, our CEO Maya got the idea. 

She saw the overly simplistic boxed layout of the website and realized it will not be as disruptive as it is expected. Just-as-usual did not work in this project. Then, she transformed the website, gave it a complete new and unique look with corresponding style guides.

Deliberry phone screen


The result of the Deliberry project was a blast! Investors were happy with the design and the prospect of the platform and funded the startup. Now, the sales and revenues are increasing constantly and making this startup a living organism.

Also, Deliberry is now heading for expansion to raise funds even onto the blockchain – they have launched a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which would be a solid pick to purchase its tokens.

The first round of financing for this project is done, and now they’re looking to continue. All in all, a huge success!

“Maya has done a very good job during the past 12 months for Deliberry, doing a full redesign of the site and app, as well as designing a new concept site for Delidao. Quality of design and iterations, communication, positive attitude have been constent in our long cooperation. I’ll be pleased to work with her again when I will have new design tasks.”