Delidao Food DAO


The Challenge

After our great success on Deliberry project, our team was faced with a new challenge: to create a new logo design for Delidao (the DAO platform for the Deliberry project), their NFT characters and the website.

All the challenges from the Deliberry project have transposed themselves here: it was up to us to create a vibrant generation-reconciliating design to show the value of the DAO and the whole project.

delidao heroes


In this project, we’ve had a privilege to be able to rely on the knowledge gathered from our previous extensive market research that we did for Deliberry, so it was done in an expedite manner. After a couple of iterations between our Maya and the DAO team, the logo design was done – including the 3D heroes’ icons.

In the next phase, our Martin dedicated himself to finish and launch the website. After a few hours of conf calls, and within a couple of days, the site was finished and ready for production. The site was built in WordPress.

After our Bobby created the NFT characters, the project was done and ready to launch.


The result of the Delidao project is something we are proud of. Both us and the client are happy about how the design turned out – it is vibrant, colorful, looks nice and shows the value of the project.

Website works perfectly, communicates the message, and has a nice flow while browsing.

We are grateful to have had this opportunity to show our creativity in creating innovative designs.