Edltools – Software for instantly tracking picture edits


The Challenge

EDL Tools develops game-changing software that makes the lives of VFX editors easier through instant picture revision tracking. They came to us in need of a website that showed off their true potential, wanting to ensure that they were getting their product in front of the people it could help most.

The main challenge was creating a newer, fresher iteration of the brand that was more aligned with the target audience. We needed modernize the branding of EDL Tools through developing a strategic understanding of the style expectations and aesthetic preferences of a market which is largely comprised of Millennial and Gen Z buyers.


The first step in realizing the trajectory of the EDL Tools brand refresh was to sit down and start researching. We needed to know everything about the product itself, about its target market, and about the audience we wanted to reach.

After some digging, we discovered that the best strategy to get EDL Tools in front of the right eyes was to create new, high-quality branding that would be appealing to an audience of Millennial and Gen Z buyers. We revamped the design and impact of the website to showcase the power of EDL Tools through developing stylized product mock-ups and implementing a problem-solving narrative supported by compelling copy.


The EDL Tools project has delivered incredible results for all stakeholders involved. Not only is the company pleased with the refreshed branding, but now they can also rest easily knowing that their game-changing software is reaching the audience that it could help the most. The positive impact of recalibrating your branding to align with the target market can’t be overstated.

“Maja is not only a pleasure to work with but she has the unique ability to take an idea and expand it into something that exceeds your expectations. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and would definitely work with her again.”