High Vibe Relax Jar


The Challenge

This was a project that required a relaxed tone: our client High Vibes sells “Relax jars”. These are small jar containers in which you can store your cannabis products. A Relax jar keeps the cannabis products moist, fresh and preserve its quality for up to 3 months.

 Our challenge and task were to build High Vibes’s brand from scratch and make it appealing to the desired audience. What the client expected, was a professional, simplistic, minimalistic, and memorable product.

highvibe relax jars brand and packaging


As usual, the High Vibes project started with comprehensive market & customer research. What we’ve learned is that the Cannabis market is an exploding market that expects multi billions in revenues soon, both in the medical and consumption segment of Cannabis products (for example CBD flowers). For us, this meant that there was a large audience that would be interested in buying Relax jars, and the product needed to have a top-notch look.

After a couple of rounds of our creative sessions, we came up with 3 designs for brand personality and identity and pitched our ideas to High Vibes. This included a whole new brand look, logo design and a strong brand strategy. We went beyond just the design and gave advice on how to set the business goals, align the messaging with the branding, and set the tone of voice.

After consultations, High Vibes chose the proposal they liked the most, and the rest is history.


The result of this project is an appealing product with a modern, calm and soothing design.

We know that it will be a massive success!