Lease Finders – Commercial Properties in Melbourne


The Challenge

Lease Finders is an Australian Real Estate agency that sells, advises, and negotiates for their clients on commercial properties in Melbourne.

As they did not have an active website, what they needed was an online identity to attract new clients. So, our task and challenge were to create their website from the beginning to make a new digital presence.

Lease finders australia real estate company
Lease-finder-australia-real-estate brand


As this industry was relatively new for us, especially since the market playground was way down under, Lease Finders project first started with usual market & customer research. After we’ve understood what selling Real Estate in Melbourne means, we created several design options, each delivering a vibrant solution. During the production phase, we created a new website using Divi, and launched it on their server.

Then, we consulted with our clients through 2-3 mockup sessions, which ended up with Lease Finders choosing the one that suited them the best. 


The Lease Finders project ended up with a new, fresh, responsive, and vibrant website that has a subtle touch of simplicity, professionalism, and clarity.

We’ve received great feedback from our client that now has a new identity that creates online presence and attracts new clients.

“Maja has made the experience of designing and building a website absolutely amazing and stress free. She has an eye for detail and modern effective design and also has extensive experience in building user friendly websites – This combination of skills is hard to come by on Upwork and I feel very lucky to have her assistance! Finally the handover and explanation was next to none and I will be referring her to all my work colleges, friends and family . Look no further !”