LRT eMobility – Wallbox Chargers of Proven Quality

LRT e mobility feartured wallbox chargers

The Challenge

The future is here! Modernism, renewable energy, electric vehicles, wallbox chargers. As the world moves more and more towards futuristic looks highly inspired by the evolution of technology and the exploding growth of science fiction in the entertainment industry, more and more brands move from the old, traditional designs to new, modernized visuals. We can clearly notice some sleek, appealing websites like Tesla and Genesis becoming more and more present in the digital space. And having the challenge to build a website with a futuristic style was one hell of a ride!

The challenge with LRT eMobility was to establish a futuristic-looking website that would grasp the attention of their customers and resonate with their core values – top-notch wallbox chargers and care for the environment. One that is simple to use, easy to navigate and yet, modern and with a futuristic flavor added to the mix. Having the brightest color palettes and the tidiness of futurism was quite an interesting approach.



Boosting Lrt eMobility with digital superpowers required some extensive research on the market. Maya (our UI/UX director) took into consideration the competitors, performed strategic social listening to understand the needs of the target audience and the team brainstormed ideas on the best ways to make their core values stand out. Building a futuristic-looking design was an interesting challenge and the website needed to be clean, trendy-looking, and attractive, just like their wallbox chargers design.

We set up a list of several buyer personas and used the data we acquired to set up customer journeys that require as few steps as possible for a client to reach his/her goal. Our team took a close look at the design of their wallbox chargers to uncover the same design spirit the company is aiming for. We analyzed several other websites crafted with the futuristic appeal, nit-picking the best elements of this style to craft an eye-catchy website that converts.

Maya’s next stage included UI/UX research and setting up a workflow plan. Working closely with our client, listening to his needs and suggestions, we came up with the style that perfectly portrays the company and resonates with their consumers.


What followed was a series of mockups having different design approaches where we explored the various workflows that could be suitable for Lrt eMobility’s future website. The next step included Martin (our web developer) building the website upon which we agreed previously.

LRT eMobility also requested a video on the top of the homepage which needed to place their wallbox chargers in the spotlight. Bobby (our Digital Marketing Specialist) did the modeling, animation, lighting, editing, and rendering for this video. Our process included close communication with LRT eMobility’s team and reviewing three versions of the video to make sure that it perfectly reflects the brand.  Once we got to the material that portrayed their wallbox chargers in the best way, we did a high-quality compression on the video to optimize it for website use.

Lastly, the page was optimized for all devices, faster loading, as well as cache, and security was implemented.


It was a wonderful, new experience to work on such an amazing page. LRT eMobility were quite friendly and helpful, listening carefully to our expertise and working closely so that together, we can find the most suitable style for their new website.

It did not take long before the website was launched Live with a modern, futuristic look that echoes “high-quality wallbox chargers“. Even today, we are working closely with LRT eMobility whether a change or management needs to be done on their new, sleek website.

We’d highly recommend LRT eMobility’s wallbox chargers to anyone who has an electric vehicle.

We loved this amazing collaboration and also conquered our own goal which always is – establishing long-term relationships with ambitious, amazing brands.