Authentic Musician Branding for Martin Mileski

Martin Mileski Musician branding


UIXLabs loves challenges and musician branding was one of those areas that we delved deep into research to provide high-quality branding for Martin Mileski. Martin Mileski is a personal music brand, a guitar player and a composer of epic film-quality music. His goal was to establish a brand that resonates with deep emotions which can be found in every single note of his music masterpieces.

Besides being a composer of dramatic music, Martin is also a guitar player performing with various bands, as well as a solo player. He published his first instrumental album “Colosseum Full of Emotions” which is available on your favorite music apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Deezer, Pandora, as well as on Youtube. His music masterpiece is inspired by many tragic events in his life. But, rising above the tragedy and sadness and sharing a message that the world is not so dark through creative albums was the goal he wanted to achieve. We are pleased that Martin chose UIXLabs for his musician branding!



Musician branding was definitely a challenge, but we love conquering new goals and we gladly accepted the idea. We were asked to do a complete branding for Martin Mileski starting from a clear, memorable logo, all the way to the tone of voice which needed to reflect his goals and mission – to inspire people who went through tragic moments and raise them up to new, better beginnings.

Before starting the website, we had a conversation with Martin to better understand his mission as a musician, the goals he wants to achieve, the people he wants to reach to and to understand the core values that the website needs to shine with.

Firstly, we went through various websites that came close to his idea and could help our musician branding, discussing elements that could be added to the future website. Gathering inspiration from several sources, the team of UIXLabs wrote down notes that will be useful when doing the musician branding.


Secondly, we did a comprehensive analysis of other musicians in similar genres, their target audiences and their way of communicating with their listeners. We performed social listening in various groups to understand the struggles of these music lovers and how we can set up the best ways to reach out to them while being unique and different from the other competitors. And YES, we listened to Martin’s masterpiece all the time while doing the research (and it was an amazing experience!).

Then, our team set up Buyer Personas on which we worked closely with Martin to discover their emotional struggles, pain points and finding ways how his music can inspire them and help them rise. It was really important to understand Martin’s biography and the inspiration behind his album in order to discover the target audience he was aiming for and how to properly craft the musician branding.

UIXlabs designed the logo which was straight to the point, recognizable and memorable, done in a handwritten font just as the client wanted. Furthermore, we set up three mockups based on all the segmented data we acquired. Martin chose the one he loved the most and working closely with him, we started building the website. Bobby wrote the content and did the SEO while communicating with Martin on a daily basis.

Besides the musician branding and web development, we were also tasked with establishing his social media presence on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, optimizing the pages with hashtags and keywords to supercharge the overall brand awareness.


    Collaborating with Martin on this project was an immeasurable pleasure! The result was a modern, easy-to-navigate, responsive website that clearly portrays Martin’s music core values and touches the hearts of his audience. Martin was very pleased with the overall musician branding, web development and social media management and we loved the journey!

    Moreover, we even set up further collaborations to manage his website and social media platforms when needed, keeping them fresh and up-to-date.

    Martin is an extraordinary music artist. His works vibe with such deep, complex emotions that we guarantee will touch your soul. Through the weaving of his notes we understood his story and it was mesmerizing enough to go back to it over and over again.