Meshbay – Free 3d web elements

The Challenge

The rise of “flat and minimalistic” user interface nowadays has brought a new trend in the UI world. Neuomorphism or Neuomorphistic art has taken the world of designs by storm. Identifying this opportunity, we came up with the idea of creating stylized, neuomorphistic 3D web elements which could be easily implemented into various designs and marketing material.




Recognizing the potential of this rising trend, we developed a strategy focused on delivering high-quality, optimized, 3D Web elements, able to be tweaked in real-time. They allow fast prototyping and usage in both web designs, marketing and social media content.
We wanted to introduce highly-customizable packages which would allow designers, content creators and digital marketers create eye-catchy visuals that will enrich their content, keep their audience interested, as well as get the attention of new, potential customers.

Before the design and implementation of this idea, we did an atomic research of various websites, marketing campaigns and social media posting. Our team established which elements and visual content were used and devised a strategic approach on how to improve the overall content with neuomorphistic 3D elements, keen to the eye of the customer. We are very thankful to our 3D Modeler Bobby Mojsovski for creating them. We are very happy to have him and his set of 3D skills in our team.

Meshbay V1.0 – Vibrant elements 

mesh-for-web website services for a small business

Meshbay V2.0 –V2.0 Abnourmous Soft Mesh

What we came up with was several packages or “themes” upon which these 3D Web elements would be based on. The need for having the web elements separated as packages was mostly due to the variety of businesses and the services they offer. However, based on our research, we noticed that the most prominent content was the usage of office equipment images.

Using the acquired data from our analysis, we started the product under the brand name – “Meshbay” and the first package was 3D Web Elements for Office Interior. Knowing the popularity and rising trend of simplistic web elements, our decision was to release it for free, providing 40+ unique elements, having 2-4 variations each. The package included office interior, gadgets, electronics and specials rendered and ready for immediate use.

We used our team’s combined effort, web-design and marketing superpowers to establish a clear image of the new “Meshbay” brand. The UIXLabs team designed the official website of “Meshbay”, conceived a digital marketing strategy and created a marketing campaign.


  • 18764 downloads of free, optimized 3D
  • Web Elements packages
  • 75.4% conversion rate
  • 73% repeating visitors
  • Bounce Rate 3%

Customer’s response and contact have also provided valuable information on which package should the team of UIXLabs focus next, as well as the way we further develop the “Meshbay” brand to reach new customers, while providing a high level of service to our existing ones.

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