Modern Redd – Ecommerce


The Challenge

Modern Redd is a new, purpose-driven fashion brand dedicated to crafting premium handbags and accessories. With the launch of five exciting collections on the horizon, the owner knew she would need a website that captured the essence of her brand and reflected the quality of her designs.

The main challenge was to create a website that could truly represent the spirit of Modern Redd. It needed to be elegant, bold, and striking—without distracting from the designs themselves.


First, we set about understanding the owner’s vision for Modern Redd and what it stands for as a brand. This meant analyzing the five collections that would live on the website—Modern Redd, Signature Redd, Vintage Redd, Street Redd, and Gentlemen Redd—in order to get a feel for the personality of the designs. We also began researching the target market and gaining insight into what would resonate with the audience.

Once we had an idea of what the website would need to convey—both in terms of aesthetics and messaging—we sat down and began to build. While developing the website, we had to keep in mind our guiding principles: timelessness, modernity, purpose, and above all, authenticity. We sought to highlight these qualities through a subtle colour scheme, serif fonts, and handwritten details.


Both the owner and our team have been thrilled with the results of this project. The website came together beautifully, with the products at the heart of the design. The owner now has a functional e-commerce website that acts as an extension of both her brand and her business as a whole.

All in all, the design of Modern Redd has been a resounding success. The website is now live and the pieces are available for purchase.

“Maja is not only a pleasure to work with but she has the unique ability to take an idea and expand it into something that exceeds your expectations. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and would definitely work with her again.” Dorothy Reddix