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MystiveDev is a personal brand focused on Game Development (Video Game Design, Level Design, 2D & 3D Art) and Digital Marketing, or more specifically game marketing. Its main mission is to help Indie Game Dev power up their game journey with skills to release a successful video game on any platform.

Its main purpose is to provide aspiring Game Developers knowledge and educational content of value, contribute to the global Indie Game Community and help more and more developers reach their dream of being full-time indie game dev. Besides being an Online Game Development & Digital Marketing Academy, MystiveDev brand also provides 3D Modeling & Digital Marketing Services. And lastly, it contains its own video games and products as an independent publishing company.


The Challenge

It was such an amazing experience working on a website that offers various services and represents a personal brand too. UIXLabs agreed on going full-on with this project, starting from the branding, all the way to the website design and development. Firstly, we had a long call with the client, discussing the tone of voice, the target audience, the market positioning and the services provided. The real challenge was that the brand provided various services and it appealed to different audiences, but primarily to Indie Game Dev. Also, we needed to set up a page where MystiveDev could sell services to customers, as well as provide courses that could be unlocked by purchasing.

Furthermore, we performed an atomic research of the indie game dev sector, checking out various competitors, game development online academies, mentors and courses. The main idea was to create an approachable, friendly website that clearly portrays passion towards the game development industry and sparks trust in the eyes of the customers.

Our team discussed ideas on how to best approach to make MystiveDev’s core values shine and resonate with aspiring Indie Game Dev. Firstly, we made a list of buyer personas which were divided into people willing to learn game development, as well as already established game developers who had failed their products due to having no marketing. The third buyer persona group were players interested in a particular genre of games made by MystiveDev.


Web link: Mirror Forge

Maya created the logo and the client loved it. It clearly portrayed the core values of the brand, the approachable, friendly attitude and the colors reflected the passion and idea behind the MystiveDev brand.

The next step was creating multiple mockups of different designs where we explored several workflows. We settled on a modern, friendly appearance specifically designed to appeal to the pain points of beginner Indie Game Dev and provide them comfort and trust that they could work with MystiveDev on achieving their dream.

Martin (our web developer) built the website upon the agreed mockup and Bobby (our digital marketing specialist) did the copy and the SEO. Our entire process included reaching out to the customer to ensure top-notch quality that would appeal to his target audience.

Lastly, the entire website was optimized for all devices, faster loading, cache and security.


    The final result included a complete branding and a website for MystiveDev, a wonderful experience both for the team and the client. The owner of MystiveDev was quite satisfied with the results, starting from the entire branding which included the logo, the colors, the tone of voice, the market positioning, all the way to a modern, friendly and responsive website.

    Today, we are working closely with MystiveDev on managing the website and updating when it’s needed.

    If you’re a lover of game development or simply an indie game dev in need of learning game marketing, we’d highly recommend checking out MystiveDev.