Neveine Organic – Calendula Skincare Line


The Challenge

Neveine Organic is a local brand that makes products from calendula and cantarion (also known as St. John Wort). As these herbal ingredients are known for having many benefits to the mind and body, our client desired to create a brand that will emphasize its benefits, organic nature, stand out more and create interest among the potential consumers.

Our challenge and task were to create a gentle, elegant and calming brand all from the beginning.

Neveine neveine organic hair mask


Neveine Organic started with a comprehensive market & customer research aimed at understanding this niche and related trend better. We needed to understand both the product and why a potential customer would be interested to purchase it.  After our team learned what needs to be done to meet up with the client’s goals and expectations, we proposed several brand identities. 

This included a proposal of 3 different directions, each having a whole new and unique brand book, logo design and brand strategy for them. Also, our team created a proposal for packaging design. 

After consultations, Neveine Organic chose the one they liked the most. 


There is nothing more satisfying than a successful project and a happy client. Neveine Organic gave us amazing feedback on how their product now looks elegant and luxurious.

We are proud to say that the Neveine Organic project is a fine example of a great brand transformation.