Peak Solutions Team – Virtual Assistant Agency

The Challenge

Peak Solutions Team is a small business, a virtual assistant agency, and the west coast leader in virtual staffing. Their approach is focusing more on the personal side of their clients’ businesses and they have established themselves as a renowned agency in the Pacific Northwest. From bookkeeping and invoicing to email management, this virtual assistant agency works daily to keep your business running smoothly.

The challenge was to design a simple, yet elegant website, using only 2-3 colors which are part of the Peak Solutions brand, and a look that portrays their friendly tone of communication with their customers. Since it is a small virtual assistant agency, the color palette and the content of the site had to be coherent so that we could achieve the elegant style that was requested. The minimalistic style gave us only a few images to work with, which added a small flavor to the appearance, without taking away the elegance out of the website.



Firstly, we started with a brief interview to understand their approach, the way of work, and interaction with their customers, as well as their brand story. Peak Solutions Team portrayed themselves as a small team of focused, ambitious people dedicated to helping businesses using virtual assistants.

Furthermore, Maya (our CEO and UI/UX Director) did a competitor and target audience analysis, and based on this information, we established a prototype to find the right style that will resonate with their humanized, friendly approach. The data helped us create user personas and customer journeys to better understand how should we approach the design flow to make it suitable for this particular niche and their target audience.

Sarah, the founder of Peak Solutions Team worked closely with Maya to bring the best out of the new website. She provided her with a color palette based on their brand colors and Maya crafted a mockup. The purpose of this mockup was to find the best style that will correspond with Peak Solutions Team’s mission, core values, goal, and vision. In the next stage, Teo (our web developer) was the one to build the website in WordPress. He set up the wireframe (colors and dividers), the content, and the visuals. A few more functionalities were also added to make the website more responsive, easy to navigate, and not feel overcrowded (elements such as popups, accordions, etc.).


After all, the tone of voice of this virtual assistant agency was friendly, simple, and approachable, so we made sure we reflect their vision and core values through our design.

The page was optimized for speed loading, the responsiveness on all devices, and the SEO was implemented along with cache and security. Lastly, Maya also retouched the logo to make it stand out and correspond with the new look.


The result was an easy-to-follow, simple website for a virtual assistant agency, just as Sarah requested. One that is friendly, approachable in tone, and corresponds with their way of communication with their clients. We loved every moment of working with the Peak Solutions Team. They were friendly, approachable, straight to the point about what is needed on the new website.

If you need a virtual assistant agency to ease the workload and help your business with email & schedule management, bookkeeping, PowerPoint preparation, PDF Management, Data Entry, then we highly recommend you take a look at Peak Solutions Team!

Moreover, make sure to check their amazing blog posts which have some quite useful content of value about the advantages of having a virtual assistant to support your business.

A client we would definitely work with again!