Romerike International School – Sustainale Education


The Challenge

This project’s target was to refresh and give a new look to Romerike’s website. For those who don’t know, Romerike is an international school in Norway.

What made this project interesting, was using our services as tools to make Romerike’s vision stand out even brighter. Romerike is a future-oriented school with a curriculum strongly focused on sustainable and inclusive education, one that will grow conscientious and optimistic leaders of tomorrow.

The challenge before us was to UX – optimize their existing website and make it easier for the page visitors and parents to find the most important information on the site. The message and the vision of the school needed to be communicated strongly to the outside world.

Romerie international school kids having fun
adorable kids going to school in Romerike


Our standard first step of the project was to dive deeper into the client’s expectations. It started with an initial onboarding talk with Romerike’s Principal. This was an interesting and fruitful conversation. Besides getting to know our clients, we learned crucial information about what the school aims for and what exactly they need.

Next, we did a comprehensive competition analysis and a target-customer analysis to learn more about the market and what parents desire from a modern school like Romerike. Finally, after 2-3 mockups, we created and proposed 3 different directions for the remainder of the project for our client to choose.  

After the consultations, Romerike has chosen the direction where we hit the bullseye.


The result was a new and fresh website for Romerike,  created in WordPress with the Divi framework. We are pleased to say that we are still doing regular maintenance for Romerike.

As you can see for yourself, Romerike was delivered with a good-looking website that communicates their vision and approach to education, and where the parents can easily find all relevant information in one place, without wasting time.

We’ve built a long time relationship and we are so so happy to have them in our contacts list ♥.