Rosey Blooms – Collard Greens


The Challenge

This was a project that met the old and the new. Rosey Bloom’s is a web shop that sells collard greens i.e. the food that is pickled, stored in a jar and suitable for healthy consumption for a longer period of time. Just like our grandparents and their parents did back in the old days.

We immediately recognized this as a great brand but noticed that the web shop and brand design are not as intuitive as they should be.

Our goal here was to give Rosey Bloom’s web shop a new look, the one that will invoke the old days but be built using modern day design tools and knowledge. End goal was, as usual, more conversions and more sales.

Rosey Blooms Collard greens web design
Rosey Blooms Collard greens web design


Rosey Blooms project first started with comprehensive market & customer research with a goal to understand this niche better. After our team learned what needs to be done to meet up with the client’s goals and expectations, we proposed several approaches to the future redesign. This included visual design and UX optimisation of the website.

After 2-3 mockup sessions, Rosey Blooms chose the one which they liked the best.

During the production phase, we created a new website using Divi, and launched it on their server.


We especially like projects like Rosey Bloom. On one side, they have a great brand with large audiences that would be interested to purchase it. But on the other hand, if the brand is not properly communicated to the outside, this can have a detrimental effect on the sales.

What happened here in the end, was a really fresh-looking website with a brand that looked appealing to the eye. It now clearly communicates that Rosey Boom’s delivers healthy, tasty modern products, with a tradition and history behind it.

This great cooperation ended up with increased sales and more visits to the website.