Sharing is Carrying – Strategy Consultancy Firm

The Challenge

Vels Consultancy & Training B.V. is a Dutch strategy consultancy company that provides pragmatic and practical support to create a platform that maintains and develops businesses within the Airline Ground Handling and Forwarding business. They are a strategy and management consultancy agency, senior leaders in their niche for a very long time.

Working with them on the project “Sharing is Carrying” was a real pleasure for us. The challenge was that graphics were always a huge part of the likeness of their website. And our client was “head over heels” in love with the Illustrative style. The challenge was to create an engaging design for a strategy consultancy company by using illustrative art. By taking this project, we had the opportunity to create a visually stunning, artistically unique, yet simple and easy to understand website for Air Cargo.

The final goal was to achieve recognition and encourage engagement by using graphics that would contain the 2 primary colors of the brand.



Following our strategic plan to always start with detailed research, we analyzed the market, scanned the competitors’ websites in the strategy consultancy field, studied their target audience, and brainstormed ideas on how we can establish visuals that would draw a particular buyer persona’s attention. Maya, our CEO and UI/UX Director had an interview with the client and took notes of the client’s idea, goals, and mission. The first step to an amazing project in our opinion is always understanding the business we’re working with.

After we segmented the data based on relevance, Maya searched for similar strategy consultancy websites that would appeal to the client’s wishes and showed a few examples so that they can decide together on the style that needs to be designed. The client was in love with graphics and visuals, especially in the Illustrative Style.

The next step was filtering several strategy consultancy websites that included such graphics. Our team established several test visuals just to confirm the artistic direction and the client agreed to proceed.


Furthermore, UIXLabs created a wireframe and a mockup of the agreed design based on illustrations and the client approved it. We were also provided a website that the client loved the most and one that had quite specific illustrations. This website was a great direction for the team to understand the client’s idea and for Maya to establish the UI/UX.

The second stage of our collaboration with Vels Consultancy & Training B.V included building the website based on the previously approved terms. The website needed to clearly portray what they are doing as a strategy consultancy company and how they help their customers in solving their audience’s needs. Our developer, Teo, established a 1:1 ratio of the website per client’s requirements. We set up the visual content that our team designed and later on, the client sent us his own additional content to be added. Lastly, we set up the written content and we installed cookie notice, caching, and security.


    The result was a visually stunning, responsive, and easy-to-use strategy consultancy website based on our client’s requirements and his target audience. The illustrations designed by UIXLabs proved to be a real magnet for upcoming viewers, drawing attention and sparking engagement.

    The client was so satisfied with the final result that he ordered another collaboration with UIXLabs on a new website. He stated that the new overhaul we did was favored by a lot of other businesses who saw it on his presentations.

    Working on “Sharing is Carrying” was an absolute pleasure. An amazing collaboration, friendly attitude, always knowing his goals and what he wants to achieve are only some of the positive things we can say about our client. We are always open for collaboration with them and hope to establish more amazing projects together in the future!