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We believe in extraordinary branding that highlights your core values. And that’s what our small business branding services are about – your unique qualities. One that makes you memorable and stands out from the crowd. At UIXLabs, we use the creative power of design to establish iconic brand moments that forever stick with your consumers.

For us, the customer always comes first. Our small business branding services include market, competitors and consumers analysis, combining the data of your goals and vision to design bold branding creatives and strategies that ensure recognition, more traffic and lead conversion.

Leaving an Impact that Matters

Small Business Branding Services

We love listening to you, getting deeply involved to understand your core values and help you build a meaningful digital identity. Our small business branding services focus on closely working with clients to elevate brands with bold strategies for recognizable branding and an impactful digital presence.

small business branding services analysis

Brand Analysis

We have created distinct ways to measure performance and see if your products, services, tone of voice, visuals, logo and positioning work in your favor. We can determine whether your current brand strategy is underperforming and what our small business branding services will do to improve it for you.

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Brand Strategy

Being a client of UIXLabs means being treated like a business partner. And we love for you to succeed. By using bold, new approaches and the latest technologies, we will research your market, your competitors, your audience and goals to establish a long-term plan for successful brand.

brand identity small business branding services analysis

Brand Identity

People do not buy goods or services. They buy stories and relations. Your brand needs to be memorable, leaving a lasting impression. Our team can help you find the right colors, design, font style, visuals and logo that reflect your core values and skyrocket you to the top. We build a world-class presence and create results.

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The hardest thing to admit is when it simply doesn’t work and your brand doesn’t align with your goals. But, don’t worry! We’ve rebranded hundreds of brands. And for us, it is not just a simple make-over. It is the way of finding your brand’s meaning and what makes you distinct and recognizable.


UIXLabs is where fearless creativity & innovation meet digital identity.


Discover your brand essence and resonate with your audiences through an in-depth data research method and proven experience with the team of UIXLabs. We understand the struggles small businesses deal with. Our small business branding services drive powerful outcomes by boosting brands with storytelling and bold creatives that attract audiences and provide memorable experiences.

  1.  Relatable

We carefully follow your story, your short-term and long-term goals, your vision, your brand purpose and assessing all the core values, our team builds unconventional creatives that resonate with your customers’ needs and shine a light on your digital identity.

  1.  Recognizable

We outsmart your competition and craft strategies specifically built to attract your customers. Say goodbye to being ignored in the crowd with our designs based on psychology and relevant data about your target audience. We will make sure your brand is easily recognizable by the right people.

  1.  Rememberable

Our small business branding services top goal is to make Your Brand the first thing your clients remember. By understanding your customers and your brand’s core values, we develop custom-built branding tactics that will turn your visitors and interested parties into returning loyal customers.

”Neveine is organic skin and hair care. Uixlabs made it possible for me not to explain it. Short slogan, memorable name – it says what is made of and the packaging is sooo fine. I wanted elegance – I got it.“

Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic


”I have what I dreamed of – a recognizable brand from every mom around here. The labels are slick 😍 and I am never sick of my logo. So, thanks once more!“

Ellie Clark, Mama & Me


Supercharge Your Business’s Potential

Let’s find your brand’s true self

Need small business branding services? We are there for you. To boost your traffic, reconnect you with your audience and craft a supercharged lead magnet. We’re confident that your business has the potential to shine. Are you?