This is why you should put your startup website a priority!

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So many things to do when starting a startup, and where should you start first? From the marketing point of view, you should have an online store as you have in your town. People today are hanging out on Social Media, connecting with their friends and family, so you have to be a part of their everyday. Remind them that you have the right product that makes their lives easier and better. 

They know about you, but where would you lead them? Now you should have an online store, where they can find everything they want to learn about your brand, products, offers, pricing, and location directions. 

Having a website some years ago was a choice, but now it’s a must. I’m pretty sure you don’t want people to search on search engines and not find your products but your competitors’. That would be mistake number ONE, and maybe the last because people nowadays want to see a website. They want to know if your business is trustworthy and if it’s a good idea to buy from you. 

I’ve collected some reasons why you should have a website as a startup company, let’s see them together. 

Ranking your startup website first in Search Engines

This points to generating more leads and making new customers. Finding keywords that are related to your business and products, and making content around them is a small part of the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Firstly you need deep research of what your people search on Google and then how they try to find products like yours. 

As your website content grows, you should find new keywords, so that when people are searching for your products you’re sure that your product will stand out.

Things that make your SEO better are:

Page titles – You should have your keyword in your title because that’s the first thing people see on Search Engines.

Extra tip: Don’t forget to use a mind-blowing hook, and make people click exact on your link. 

Meta description – A startup website should also have an awesome description right under the title, so people after reading it will click on the page. The words that are bolded in the meta-description are the ones people were using while they were trying to find something. 

Image alt-tagging – This is used by screen records – apps that help people with visual impairments. Also, it strengthens image search results. 

Backlinks Your startup website should be linked to another high-quality website with valuable content. Even better is when you get links back from sites like this. But, for this, you need to share valuable and high-quality content as well.

What happened after they click on your startup website?

Okay, your potential customers saw you on the first page, they are hooked up by your title and descriptions and they came to your website, but what now? 

This is some kind of the beginning of your marketing journey because now you can take their emails and get closer to your customer. With a strong CTA (call to action) in your content, you have to make them subscribe and leave their email addresses. 

Then you have to write some professional and personalized emails, to get closer to your customers and make them make a purchase. 

Mailchimp can help you to create email lists, and catchy emails and automate them. 

Nothing seems easy and simple, but UIXlabs teams have experts that can help you with email campaigns. Email marketing has an ROI (return on investments, like 36$ for each 1$. And that means that you get 36$ if you spend 1$ on an email campaign. So don’t wait and chat with us.

Online shopping 

If you are a product-based company, then you don’t have to doubt anymore about having a startup website. Online shopping isn’t slowing down and you shouldn’t miss this chance to make your business part of this trend. 

Ecommerce is actually an online catalog of your products, with images, descriptions about their features, pricing, and shipping. You can add whatever you want and make sure your customer will get the right information. 

Your startup website should be user-friendly, so people will consume the information easier and make a purchase after that.

Showcase your store and products

People want to know more about your business, so give them the chance. For eg., if you have a restaurant show the ambiance on your startup website with high-quality photos or videos from the restaurants or the food. 

The restaurant Kochi in NewYork shows the images of the restaurant and the food they serve

This is why you should put your startup website a priority! kochi-img-1-uix

Don’t forget to also put the locations of your restaurant or store on your website, so people can find you easily. 

It would be a great idea to take care of your customers and tell them what your products are made of so they can easily decide if they want to buy something from you.

Making sales with Testimonials

Find the best reviews that people left for your business and products, and share them with your potential customers on your startup website.

People want to know about other people’s experiences with your products or services and then make a purchase. It’ll be even more needed when it comes to millennials and Gen Z that will turn the Net upside-down just to find out as much as possible for you before they become your clients.


These are just a part of the whole package with reasons why you should have a startup website. Firstly, for brand awareness, so people can hear about your brand, then to make them buy from you. 

Creating the right website is as time-consuming as running a business and very important. It’s your digital store and that’s why it requires to be a priority and not an activity that you have to put aside. People are buying more and more on the Net or they just want to know everything about your business before coming to your store or restaurant. 

It’s not time for thinking and doubting, because waiting costs you money. Uixlabs team will make the most stunning website you’ll ever know, just reach out now.


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