7 secrets to a successful website for a small business

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7 secrets to a successful website for a small business intro

You have a small business and it’s not launched online yet? Or, you have a website, but you don’t like the design and you’re not satisfied with the traffic that comes to it? If you don’t have all the small packaging that makes a website for a small business whole, then you won’t have leads that convert.

People will come and go, and they will not put in the effort to buy anything from you. Or worse, they won’t even be able to find your website.

Don’t let these things happen. I will open all 7 packages that show how a website for a small business should be crafted:

  1. A domain name

When you choose your domain name, say it loudly and see if you can remember it immediately. People nowadays are so overwhelmed with information that they don’t have the time to remember all those confusing and long names.

I suggest making it with 3-4 syllables or under 15 characters.

website for a small business names
Another thing that you have to pay attention to is to keep it unique and brandable. You don’t want to use a trademark name, do you? Also, it would be very easy to stand out in people’s minds when using an original domain name.

  1. CMS for a website for a small business

A content management system or CMS is a digital app or a software program that helps you create your website. I’ll name one that’s already familiar to you: WordPress.

WordPress is not just very popular but is also free. It has a very supportive community and many useful plugins that help you to extend the functionality of your site. It’s very flexible for building a website for a small business.

But besides all the plugins and all the templates WordPress has, building a website can still be very confusing and difficult for you. Our team works with WordPress and it can make a plugin that’s custom-tailored to your business, and design your website according to your wishes.

Start your journey by sending us an email at [email protected]

website for a small business online order CMS platform
  1. Use a builder such as Divi from Elegant Themes

Our clients love Divi so much, and I’ll tell you why:

It saves you time. Because now it’s easier to make changes on a website for a small business than ever before. Even our clients who want to make some updates on the site just go to the part of the site they want to edit, click on it and they’re already able to make those changes in an instant.

Have you ever been so frustrated that something you write or make is gone because of bad Internet? With Divi, that’s not possible. Because this builder has auto-save. It creates a backup of your updates, and you can restore them anytime.

There’re so many developers that use Divi, and sometimes they give their layouts for free. You can reuse them, or see them as an example.

If you’re still not sure that you can make this alone, I’ll remind you that you’re not alone. You can just try our small digital lab tool and we will give you free price and time estimate of making your website.

  1. SEO friendly website

I have so many things to say about SEO because there’s a thousand things that have to be done to optimize a website for a small business for search engines.

SEO or Search engine optimization makes all the difference if your website will appear on the first page of search engine results (eg. Google), or it’s going to appear on the 5th one. It’s very important for you to know that the traffic on your site directly depends on which page your site will be on.

How can you improve it:
  • Research what keyword you will be using and implement it on your site.
  • A good SEO requires fast loading website speed.
  • Have an SSL certificate to ensure user’s data on your site.
  • Have a mobile-friendly website.
  • Use high-quality backlinks that lead to websites with relevant content. (or the opposite, external sites with backlinks that lead to your website)


  1. Testimonials

We have 3 more packages to unpack, and the 5th one is Testimonials. Putting them on a website for a small business is a must. In that way, you will convince people to trust and buy from you. Make them believe that with your products, finally, their dreams will come true.

website for a small business testimonials
  1. Using High-quality photos on a website for a small business

The statistics show that people are more likely to engage and yet to remember the content they read if there is an image in the website content.

People also get the idea of your brand identity and brand personality when they see images.

Make the first impression great. High-quality photos with smiling people makes your customers trust you more.

Professional photos also give the brand credibility and help a brand show its value.

It can also increase your website SEO. You need to write captions, metadata, and alt-tag so your content can appear in search results and image results. High-quality photos make people stay and scroll through your website and for search engines – it means that they love your content.

If you have a clothing brand, why not show your new pieces of clothing with photos? Find an influencer that will show your audience some tricks with them. People are more likely to buy something when knowing how to combine it with the clothes they already have.

  1. Find a team-expert and get your website done

I know that when you’ve been reading this blog about building a website for a small business, you were a little confused. But as I said, you’re not alone in this journey. We as a team are using these 7 packages, and they have helped a lot of small business owners before with building their websites.

We care about its design, about its security, because we want to protect your customer from 3rd party people. We build it using Divi builder, which is very user-friendly, not only for us, but for you as well.

Our team builds your site as you wish and then we teach you how you can use it for the small changes you want your site to be updated with.

Also, we take care of your brand to stand out on the first page of search engines. Because it’s not the same being on the first page or on the 5th. Your customer may never come to the 5th one.

First, let’s get connected, and then we’ll talk about how to catch your customers and make them buy from you.

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