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We create data-centered web designs & digital touchpoints

Websites are the face of your business. They introduce you to the online world and give your customers a first impression. We create stunning website designs that not only look great but also have an intuitive user flow so visitors can find what they need quickly and easily. Plus, we make sure the appearance is magnetizing so they’ll keep coming back for more!

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Let’s make your products
accessible to people that need it.

Your website is available for your customers even when you are not. HAVE CONTROL and calmness over you. This is how we’ll unlock new digital possibilities for your small business website.

User-focused Design

We make an atomic search and a plan so your small business website speaks the language of your audience.

Always Unique

We’ll craft the designs to reflect the quality of your brand personality and keep it how you want to be seen.

Flexible Pricing

Don’t spend mindless pricing and another weekend worrying. Worries also cost. We’ll create the price within your budget.

Lightning fast delivery

Design & buildout will be ready and launched within 5 – 20 working days depending on the size and complexity.


Live process tracking

You get a special dashboard with live updates of the design process. There, you can track the progress and make your requests.

View Platform Demo

Growth Possibilities

By scaling up your budget, we can plan how you can expand your digital market – we have special growth plans.

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

— Frank Chimero, Designer

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Scope of work

We keep it simple.
Every small business website is special and requires full control and you will have a full control of the process.

Choose the approach uixlabs

Choose the approach

We create a plan unique to your business. We also prepared packages that are specialized for business in 3 different levels.

Atomic Diagnostics uixlabs

Atomic Diagnostics

We’ll do a depp analysis because believe it or not, if you don’t find out and follow what your target audience wants, you just wasted your money.

Design + Dev uixlabs

Design + Dev

Our team is ready to make spectacular digital move for your small business. Watch the progress and get ready for a flood of sales.

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Amazing opportunities for your
small business website

No hidden costs or tricky flows. Just choose what suits you.

⚡ Fastest choice


For Individuals

starts from


1-year FREE Hosting ( 2GB storage)
3 designs to pick from
Up to 5 pages included
Up to 10 products (for Ecommerce)
SEO Friendly built
5 Days of delivery
“How to use it” video

💚 Client's Favorite


For Startups

starts from


1-year FREE Hosting (5GB storage)
UI/UX research + Design
Up to 10 pages included
Up to 50 products (for Ecommerce)
SEO Friendly built
14 Days of delivery
“How to use it” video

💖 Total Rewamp


Business Makeover

starts from


Branding Identity + Strategy
UI/UX research + Design
1-year FREE Hosting (5GB storage)
Up to 1000 products (for Ecommerce)
SEO Friendly built + SEO applied
35 days of delivery
“How to use it” video

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Say Hello to our PowerUps ⚡

Do you need more than a small business website? Let’s maximize your digital existence via our cool design service add-ons

Brand and REbrand uixlabs


Creating or reinventing the business personality


starts from $430
Social Media uixlabs

Social Media

Creating and managing your social


starts from $59

😍 Popular

TikTok Videos uixlabs

TikTok Videos

Creating content for food, beauty or cleaning channels


starts from $49

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough.

They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough.

I still work with them for ongoing updates “.

– Rinaldo Wels, Sharring is Carrying

”I have what I dreamed of – a recognizable brand from every mom around here.

The labels are slick 😍 and I am never sick of my logo. So, thanks once more!“

– Ellie Clark, Mama & Me

“I’m really happy with the support and development.

Professional communication, professional approach and follow up great results. “

– Rinaldo, Wholesale by Vels

” The team built my site and I can’t recommend them enough. They were efficient, made great suggestions, and was very thorough. I still work with them for ongoing updates.”

Sarah, Peak Solution Team

“In the post-Covid world, work forces have gone remote allowing us access to work with global talent. Maja is not only fluent in English but Western Culture and her overall Tech/Design IQ is not only amazingly strong but at par with global standards. Working with her is a No-Brainer! Highly Recommended. But not too highly or else you’ll steal her from us !!”

– Joseph, Cookin App

“It is such a high pleasure to work withthe team. They understood from the beginning what we´re expecting from our new company websites and how we want the look & feel but she added so much more with her experience. We´re now having two company websites which are state of the art and with a contemporary design.  For me, Maja was the key to success for our projects and I can highly recommend working with them!”

– Dirk Peschke, Head of Marketing , LRT Automotive GmbH

” I never thought that Neveine will reach such big audience.

We started as local brand, and now we are selling worldwide.

Thank you team, you enlightened our pocket haha“

– Christina Filipovsky, Neveine Organic

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We collected most frequent questions we’ve been asked and set them as answers to your potential unclear thoughts. Want ⚡fast answer? Text us on the chat.

I'm new in this? Why do I need a website actually?

Stronger Business Credibility

Without a website, people question your legitimacy. With a website, you have the chance to make a great first impression and give people the comfort of working with real businesses.

More leads & sales

Showing relevant information for your business makes a huge opportunity to increase your sales. With an SEO-optimized website, you have a chance of showing up in Google search results which will drastically increase your customer base.

24/7 Customer Service

Your small business website will serve even when you sleep. It helps customers find valuable information without needing to call, which means, you will have fewer unproductive calls of people that are just “looking around” or are not ready yet to purchase from your business.

Showcase of your offers

The website is your portal for presenting your services or products but at the same time the “story”.  Highlighting your awards, testimonials, and all the features that can alleviate your visitors’ pain points will definitely influence their decision to contact you.

I am not sure what I need. How do I know this?
We’d be happy to assist you and lead you to an optimal solution for your digital presence. We’ve been there and we are careful with your budget. We’ll try to squeeze the maximum of it.

You just need to text us at hello@uxilabs.com

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?
We will refund you 80% of the paid amount and take 20% to cover the expenses on our site. BUT, we promise you will work with an enthusiastic, patient, and polite team that will follow your needs and wishes to present your brand in your best light.

Although, there are limited edits, and are different regarding the type of website, project and industry you are in.

What platfrom are you using for design and building the website?
We are using WordPress CMS and Divi as a Framework and base.
We specifically chose a mix of a professional framework and a very user-friendly platform for those who have 0 experience in web development. And this means that you can easily use your small business website after we finish it.
What if I don't like any of the designs?
Before we start working on your small business website, we ask for examples that you like. Also, we do atomic research on the market to present you with business websites that are working very well and could be our inspiration.

In the next step, we follow the styles you like and we compose 2-3 designs that you can choose from. And of course, we will iterate until perfect.

At Uixlabs, we strive to help everybody that needs a real digital push. Your small business website gives you credibility, exposure, and authority on the market. And we will use it as leverage, every time.

Where I can see the progress?
When the contract starts, we’ll provide you with a link to a platform where you can visually follow the process. Here’s a link to the Uixlabs platform: https://client.uixlabs.com/
uixlabs making thing together
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Making things great together.

No matter if you are new on the market or existing brand.