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You’re a small business owner in 2022 and you’re still doubting if you have to launch your business on Tik Tok? Let me tell you directly that that would be your biggest business mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I have some statistical insights that might trigger you a little bit. 

For eg, 67% of TikTok users agree that this platform is motivating them to do shopping even if they didn’t plan to. 

How are you on this one? 49% of users said TikTok helped them make purchase decisions

No doubt, but TikTok is definitely a must-have advertising platform these days for any kind of business. Even for the small ones. 

I will tell you 3 more reasons why you should use Tiktok for business advertising and then the decision is up to you. Let’s go:

Going viral

1. The most exciting part of using Tiktok for business is that the videos go viral like crazy on this platform. You just have to be very creative and consistent with sharing educational, informational, or content that triggers some emotion for its users. They’re not just able, but they love to use common sound with another user in duet or stitch. The engagement you have with your audience will help your content to be seen by more and more people every day, and that will make the algorithm think that people are in love with your videos and it will continue to show it on “for you” page more, day by day.

All generations in one place

2. Another reason why all business owners adore using Tiktok for business is the fact that “It’s not only GenZ on it”. It seems like a surprise to you, but it’s very true. Let’s get back to the beginning of the other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They all seemed like they were platforms where young people have fun, but now they’re full of people of all generations. And the business owners do serious business there. TikTok is on the same way too. Also, the businesses that will post consistently are going to be rewarded on long-term definitely.

Different from other social platforms

3. This platform allows the users to create short videos by shooting, adjusting clips, customizing audio, applying effects on it, and enhancing with filters. Also, TikTok for business is a very good listener when it comes to users’ preferences, and it doesn’t feel like a problem for them to change its features. I mean they’re ready to adjust the feature if it gets a lot of negative feedback.

If you don’t feel confident enough to make content for TikTok, or you’re not just that creative, don’t worry, the team of UIXlabs can make content for 30 days for your account.

Now, you know that you shouldn’t exclude TikTok for business. But, let’s talk a little about how to do marketing on this platform properly:

Get yourself a TikTok personal profile first

Why is this important? TikTok as I said before has so many features for video editing. You should get used to it before you start using TikTok for business. See what kind of transitions and which audios are trending, then choose what suits the most with your brand. 

Use the discovery tab, follow hashtags and see what kind of videos your competitors make and which of those are more popular and loved by the people. 

You mustn’t copy them but you just have to get inspired and be creative to make your own videos.

Find your niche

You have to be unique, cuz people like to see the kind of content they couldn’t see before on any other platform. 

Again, start with discovering your competitors. See how they use this platform, and which problems they resolve. Find their gap and fill it in your own way. 

Also, find the most crucial aspects of your brand and focus on them while creating videos. What is the most important message you want to send to your audience, and how you can help them in their everyday life?


you’ll never see me again with these eyes😵

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How often you will post while using TikTok for business

Want to be successful on TikTok? Now, when you have branded business, with a specific niche and unique “voice” you have to create a content calendar. 

Consistency is the second most important thing when using TikTok for business, after being creative and unique. It’s good for the algorithm, the most consistent you are the more it will learn about your content and show it to the right people. And it’s also good for your audience to hear from you more often. 

Your content calendar will help you to talk about the right topic of your niche and always say the right message. And, you won’t think every day about what to post, but you will have it prepared. 

Find your consistency. If you choose to post 5 times a week, so post 5 times every week. What seems excellent for Tiktok is recording 3-4 times per day. But you have to find how much are you able to create in order to stay consistent with your calendar. 

If this seems overwhelming for you and you don’t know where to start, the UIXlabs team is here to help you to create your best content for the whole month. 

Just send us your email and we will schedule a meeting.

There’s no need for perfections

Yes, we finally got a platform like this. TikTok for business becomes a very comfortable place. First thing first, you shouldn’t repost your Reels from Instagram on TikTok. You see that some of the influencers that have so aesthetic Instagram feed, on TikTok their story is very different. 

Because TikTok is a channel to show your personality, be yourself, and have fun. 

Give advice, useful information, tips, and tricks relevant to your business without trying to be perfect. Also, homemade videos telling stories are very popular. 

As time passes believe me you’ll feel more comfortable, creating videos without make-up, lying in your bed.

This helps you to connect with your audience better and they are more likely to buy from the brands they trust. 

Don’t doubt it! TikTok is the right platform for your brand, and you’re not late. You can still start sharing your content and help your audience now. 

If you have problems with picking the right niche and making your brand unique, send us your email and we can see how we can help you.

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