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All of you small business owners who aimed for their business to thrive in 2022! Listen as I talk to Maya today. With Maya, we love to chat about business stuff and how to make our services better to help our customers. I noticed that she has so many things to say about doing business, and how she wants to help small business owners surpass their goals. So I got a great idea, stopped our discussion for a minute, and started writing all the answers she gave me. She was really surprised when I told her that I want to share with you the first time she got an idea for a business and how all of this has started.

You can steal some of her tactics about doing business, and how she leads herself to this success, or even better, you can read something about how her services can help you brand your business and be different in your market

Take some coffee and enjoy! This is how it started:

Maya, I know that you enjoy helping people brand their businesses and leading them through their whole social media path. So tell me, what was the main reason you decided to start your business? Was it only about money, the love you have for this profession, or maybe, something else?

“Valerie, thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful interview. First of all, I’d like to thank you for the amazing opportunity you gave us at Uixlabs – your flawless articles.

My business didn’t start with a chase for money, but huge web design passion and the indescribable feeling when you have someone. 

I started with my profession as a freelance web designer and as the time was passing, I saw how passionate I am for helping small businesses.”

Now, what you would say: Is it getting easier or more difficult as time passes?

“It depends. With a great team, the work gets easier and easier and I must say Uixlabs has wonderful people to work on new small business stories. However, there are some difficulties to be honest. Every small business comes to a level where they transfer from a small to medium sized, and that’s not bad, but it is challenging and requires work and dedication x2.”

You create logos, and you brand your client’s websites and social media channels. But, how else can you help them besides this? I hear that you expand your services, is that right?

“We want to make the digital journeys from a-z for everyone. Meaning we start with setting a execution plan, bring pillars for the branding, create logos, brand identity and strategy, create intuitive and beautiful websites and at the end, we let you Valerie do your social media magic for them. And thank you for that.

However, that’t not all you have to do to achieve new digital peaks. We set a 12 months execution plan, growth list with ideas where you can kick in. You can discuss it with me for free anytime.”


What’s your opinion: How can social media help new startups? Should all of them be active online nowadays?

“Social media is a MUST for every new startup and every small business. 

In these 7 years, we heard it a lot – we don’t need social media, but that’s from the people that would keep their storefront at the back.. Rude, I know, hehe. But that’s the truth indeed.

Also, is not just to make all social media channels. Every social network has different strategy of posting, different “character”, requires different behaviour – you can see that from the fancy and professional looking photos on Instagram and the homemade and more personal looking videos on Tiktok”

How many employees do you have and how do you manage your team? Tell me more about them. 

“Right now we are a small team of 8 people working from every corner of the world. All of them are respectively working on their assignments always at their best. I am blessed to have everyone as a small business family.”

You’re 28 years old and you started your business like few years ago. What do you think, when is the right time to start a small business and pursue your goals?

“It was trying and trying for few years. And what I can say – ALWAYS the right time is NOW. If you feel motivated at 3am while you can’t sleep because of coffees and coffees during the day- NOW it is the perfect time. If you don’t know where to start, I’ll be open to talk to anyone that wants to start working on their goals and give them advice. They can just reach out at [email protected]

And for the end, what would you recommend to all young people who want to start a business, but are still afraid of, or don’t know where to start?

We have a saying – The fear is keeping the grapes safe. And that’s so destroying for me.

The fear never goes away, what goes away is your life. The time is no passing, but your life. And you don’t know what tomorrow brings on  the plate to wait until tomorrow. So with loads of fear in your backpack, hesitation, “I will do it one day” sentences – you’ll be fine to start anytime if you really want it.”

Guys, thank you for reading our discussion. I hope this was very helpful to you! If you have someone in your life that is doubting whether to a business, share this with them. Let’s make starting your own business easier.

We’d love to see your story like this in near future. Follow the dreams and they will come true. In meanwhile, we’ll be there to help you set it digitally. Just contact us.

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