Designpreneurs, the love or hate of the new Adobe and Figma

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Designpreneurs, the love or hate of the new Adobe and Figma

Adobe did a very wise business move. If you can’t outcompete, win it over.

I was generally shocked to see just big news in the design world. Figma has been a great switch in our design workflow. Even though we’ve started doing everything with Adobe Xd and we still use so many of the amazing and non-replaceable Adobe Apps, we are afraid that this change will affect us too.

Figma has three super features that we would love them to keep, but we will still have to wait for to see the result of 20B$ in cash and stock that Adobe spends to acquire it.


What is going to happen with Adobe and Figma?

Once Adobe and Figma close the deal, Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field will continue to lead the Figma team. However, he’ll be reporting to David Wadhwani, president of Adobe’s Digital Media business.

“Ten years ago, Evan and I set out on a journey to make design accessible to all. Looking back, I’m proud to say we’ve made progress by introducing Figma to designers of all ages, geographies, and levels of experience.

Looking ahead, we’re still barely scratching the surface. There’s such an opportunity (and need!) to make design and developer tools more collaborative and accessible. When we started Figma, our stated vision was to “eliminate the gap between imagination and reality.” I believe we can reach this goal substantially faster through our plan to join forces with Adobe and leverage their legendary team plus decades of expertise.” says Dylan.


But what does it mean for the current Figma users?

The news is still hot and in the early days of the announcement. So, both, Adobe and Figma haven’t mentioned any change yet.
We’d love to see that they have no intention of changing the price because many Figma users want to avoid Adobe pricing.

On the positive side, the biggest change is that Adobe will connect current Figms users to the communities and global events such as Adobe MAX and Adobe Summit.

So no bad news here!
We are traumatized by the announcement just because of all things that can happen. But if the worst happens, we have a world full of opportunities and alternatives.

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