Service Overview: Discover the greatness of data-driven web design

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Uixlabs web design

Discover the greatness of data-driven web design

We love working with super ambitious start-ups. Together we’ll define, create and launch an intuitive & modern look and feel for your website

Our creative website process is specifically crafted
for your success.

People use the digital space more than ever to access information about the brands they purchase and consume on a regular basis.

We do web design based on a data that is already there in the digital space and we use it as core element of the user experience.

Pushing beyond design boundaries

We’ll work together to listen to your challenges, strategize and plan the flow, and execute at the end successfully launch the website. Here are some actionable deliverables from our website creation process.

UI/UX Design
Web Design
SEO Friendly

What’s included in this each web design process?

User-focused design
We make an atomic search and a plan so your small business website speaks the language of your audience.

Live process tracking
You get a special dashboard with live updates of the design process. There, you can track the progress and make your requests.

Always unique
We’ll craft the designs to reflect the quality of your brand personality and keep it how you want to be seen.

User-focused design
We make an atomic search and a plan so your small business website speaks the language of your audience.

Lightning-fast delivery
Design & buildout will be ready and launched within 5 – 20 working days depending on the size and complexity.

Results Driven Output
Following your goals and aims, the end product will be just a strategic approach to bring and keep as many customers as possible.

Easiest backend platform
Using WordPress and Divi theme, you will be able to maintain any edit you want to make afterward.

Website Analytics
Continious website analytics drive better results, everytime. We’ll attract your customers based on their interests and clicks.

SEO friendly built
You have to be searchable and use the world’s best tactics to appear in your target audience searches. We also thought of that.

This is our web design process


Project Discovery
We will ask questions listen and learn. By understanding your business, we will be able to set our best solution for you.


Determine flow & feel
We will do competitive and user research, gather your data insights and set our creative direction. Now let’s skip to the good part.


Bring it all to life
We want you in the process! We will gather your feedback and reiterate until we creat the perfect solution before we build it in WordPress.


Test, optimize & launch
Fine-tuning and testing is what are the last steps before the grand launch. We’ll optimize it and test it to work greatly on all devices.

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Check out some of our past web design projects.

Modern Redd – Elegant Ecommerce

Modern Redd is a new brand on the market selling handbags and accessories in the US. It is a woman-owned business inspired by love and driven by purpose. The main challenge was to create a website that could truly represent the spirit of Modern Redd. It needed to be elegant, bold, and striking—without distracting from the designs themselves.

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